#Scoutnation Bucketlist

sn-166x166” From our humble beginnings as a #hashtag on Twitter to a community on G+ we are Scout Nation. The adult volunteers in the great organization of Scouting! Sit by the fire and stay awhile, we have questions, answers, stories and laughs. Remember the Scout Oath & Law and you will do fine here!”

The above is the “About” part of Scoutnation on the G+ Community page.  I think that I have following Scoutnation Scouters via Twitter & Websites since about late 2008 when Elliot joined Cub scouts.   I have had the pleasure meeting a lot of them offline and in the “real world”.  Most recently Bryan Spellman.  Funny, both he and Arlen Ward have both been in Non-Scouting areas.  Bryan in Las Vegas. (PS: The Scout shop was closed the whole time! We were bummed.)

601186_10151258210609143_495613686_nWhat I love about Scoutnation is the instant Brother & Sister Hood we all have when we meet.  There are hugs all around.   As Bryan put it, there are other forums and places that Scouters get mean and nasty about what they think is correct.  We, within Scoutnation love to poke fun at each other and work well together even though we are separated by hundreds of miles.  If it were not for Scoutnation, I would not have been able to grow into the Scouter that I am.  It would have taken longer.

My hope is that sooner than later, I get to meet everyone within Scoutnation.

While our plans did not totally work out together, Bryan and I got to meet and talk.  I was in Vegas with my High School Class and he with his Wife of 20 years celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary.  We kept texting each other trying to make it work.  It was still very much fun to be there.

So, the Scoutnation bucket list.  Meet other Scouters.

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  1. Scoutmaster Shawn says:

    David, I am one of the moderators…I haven’t seen any more requests. Do you have a G+ Account?


  2. Anonymous says:

    DAVID, There is noone waiting for approval. Have you signed up yet?


  3. Any idea how one gets approved to be part of Scoutnation? I’m awaiting a moderator to approve me.


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