Operator Rating Strip

Amateur-Operator-Strip  I follow K2BSA on twitter and via his blog.  I am also a Ham Radio Operator.  My call sign is K7RUB.  I have written about Ham Radio before on this blog, but was very happy to see K2BSA’s tweet/blog about a recent update to the BSA Program.

“The National Radio Scouting Committee is pleased to announce that the BSA Awards and Insignia Committee has approved the Amateur Radio Operator Rating Strip for wear on youth and adult leader uniforms. This rating strip recognizes the member’s availability as an amateur radio operator for communication services for events and activities as well as emergencies.”
You can read his blog here for more details.  K2BSA is the official Ham Radio call sign.  Several BSA Volunteers travel to many National events like Jamboree to broadcast.  Learn more about Scouting and Ham Radio.

I would highly suggest anyone either in or out of the Scouting program to get their Ham Radio license.  It’s fun and it’s always good to Be Prepared.  The American Radio Relay League has more information and has been around since 1914.

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