First Aid Pack Meeting 2013

First Aid Eagle required Merit Badge PatchFor the past three years, Pack 221 has put on a First Aid Pack Meeting in January.  First Aid is one of the things that Cubscouts and Boy Scouts are known for.  Knowing First Aid is one thing, but knowing what to do when an Emergency happens is key as well.

When I first envisioned this meeting, I wanted it to incorporate the Emergency Preparedness Pin.  We really have never fully completed the requirements for it as a Pack or Den.  I can say that as a Unit Scouter, that I only need to create an emergency kit/plan for the meeting place.  In our first version of this meeting in 2010, we did create Emergency Kits.  I found out that a now Bear Cubscout still has and uses his to this day.  Which, really means a lot to me.  Anytime his Sister’s or Family needs a band-aid, he runs and gets it.

In 2011, while we did the full meeting again, I took a moment to talk about how we plan for emergency’s.  While we have never had a fire drill or a plan for an emergency during a meeting, I did simulate a power outage.  I did this after the Japan Tsunami.  I wanted to let the Scouts know that we need to be prepared for a lot of things.

So, for the January 2013 First Aid Pack Meeting, we created it all again.  This time, we had the 141st Charlie Co Medical Corp from the Oregon National Guard, Oregon Search & Rescue, Troop 127, A Sports Medicine Trainer from the Portland Timbers and a Tiger Den Leader helping us put on the event.

We talking about how to stay put and be safe if lost, control bleeding & and how to stabilize, how to stay fit, what to do for snake bites & poison plants and our 10 essentials.  We did it all in about 50 minutes in rotating stations.  Now,  yes, it is a brief overview but a lot of Cubscouts got good tips on what to do when.  That is the goal.  The Dens can break it down later and work on these skills.  But, we need to put into the Cubscouts thought process of, what to do when.  It just might help them.

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2 Responses to First Aid Pack Meeting 2013

  1. scouteradam says:

    I do not really have any documentation to speak of. I went of the emergency preparedness pin requirements, 10 essentials, what the snake bite kit requirements are. As to those who presented, I gave them an idea of keep is simple and stick to the basics.

    I did count off the cubscouts via den 1,2,3,4,5. So Tigers were with Webelos. Not putting all tigers together or all Webelos together. Mixed it up so they had to learn together.

    Each station was about 8 minutes long.

    That’s how we do stations.


  2. Andrew says:

    Adam if you have some documentation on your setup, supplies and schedule is it possible to post it somewhere for download? This sounds like a great program.


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