Why I donate to Scouting

BSA-FOSIt is that time of the year, Friends of Scouting.   I want to tell you about why I give to my Council.  I have already told you why I do what I do.

I give to my Council for the exact same reason I give money to my children’s PTA and School Foundation.    So, that there are people and resources for them to learn and have fun.  My school’s PTA raises money for the Teachers and Students to use because the State keeps cutting back the funds needed.  Each year the PTA gives each Teacher $450 to buy supplies.  It also provides a coffee service (you know they need coffee) and so much more.  The PTA also has paid for laptop for each teacher when the School District didn’t.  Now the Teachers can go home sooner than stay at school on P90 Desktops running on 16megs of RAM.  Try playing Minecraft on that?  Wait, you can? On the iPad or iPad Mini or on your Android Tablet that you kid has?

The Foundation also works to help fund Teacher Positions that the State cuts funding for.  Yes, years ago when the State was at the throats of Students our School put on a huge auction that brought in way over $125k.  (This is before Elliot/Rachel were even in Pre-K.)

We as parents also fund outdoor activities, as in trying to save Outdoor School.  Another article about it here as well.  In the end, the City of Portland, somehow in the midst of its own budget crunch, help fund the program.  This is after a group of Portlanders raised $300,000 to help save it.  Suffice to say, it was saved.  It was saved because people cared about the program.  The same lies with the PTA and School Foundation.

So, what about Friends of Scouting?  What does it do?

It does a lot.  Friends of Scouting brings Scouting at risk youth who do not have the resources pay for it themselves.   It does pay for Council Support Services & Program Planning.  But it also helps pay for training, liability & accident insurance. (We as Scout Units do not have to pay or have coverage. Not all Council’s give this).  It also provides for the upkeep on the camps and other facilities within the Council.  The Cascade Pacific Council covers 18 counties in NW Oregon and SW Washington.  It is one of the larger Council’s.  The Scouting Programs include Cubscouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity, Venturing, Sea Scouts and Explorer Posts.  The last three does include females starting at the age of 13.  Scouting is NOT just a BOYS ONLY Club.

So, while a donation might not directly impact your child in the Scout Unit (in my case a Cubscout Pack) it will help someone down the line.   What I can say is that within our Council, there is a thank you that is given.  If our Cubscout Pack meets it goal, we get free rank badges for the year.  We also get free camping at any site suited for Cubscouts for the year, but does not include Summer Camp.  (We have enjoyed staying at Scouter’s Mtn for the past several years and recently the Webelos II went camping at Butte Creek.)

So, Friends of Scouting is just the same as funding the education via the PTA or School Foundation or an Outdoor School.  But, if you really want to have a direct impact on getting something for yourself, try OVER THE EDGE!  Now, that was fun!  I did it last year!

And yes, I have already made my 2013 FOS Donation.

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