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Scoutquilt  Within the Google+ Community of #Scoutnation, there is a question going around of what are your highlights of the past year and even what you are looking forward to in 2013.  I have given my response there about what I am looking forward to.  In a post to come later I will talk about the highlights of Pack 221 and myself in 2012.

This post is about my friends that I have made and met within 2012 (and earlier).   I take great pride in knowing, talking, tweeting, and emailing with all of you who I am connected to through Scouting and the Internet.  I have good friends through Scouting, Wood Badge and other Scout events.

What I really liked this year is meeting up with several of Scoutnation Scouters in life. Mike Walton, Phil Peck, Jerry Schleining, Kevin Devin and now Arlen Ward.  The ongoing joke that I tell about these people who I meet in life to others is “I meet guys on the internet and arrange a meet-up in life.”  I would have never have met any of these people if it were not for Baden-Powell and the Unknown Scout.   I really look forward to the days that I can meet all my other Brother & Sister Scouters in life.   Be it at Philmont, Seabase or Disneyland.

The “local” Scouters within Cascade Pacific Council, I really enjoy our time together.  Coming together or just running into each other at non-Scout events is great.  There is an instant recognition and understanding.   If our families meet, I can point to my son or daughter and say, they are a Webelos or Brownie too and our kids have something in common.  Though, I can say, hey, do you play Chess, Magic or Minecraft?  Instant friends.   My wife can also talk to the other wives about being a Scout Widow.  I normally point out what my wife does with jewelery and her volunteer work.

So, my biggest Scouting joy of 2012 is knowing all of you and meeting some of you in person.  Here is to meeting more of Scoutnation in 2013.

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