Scouting for Food 2012

2012-11-15_scouting_food_2012Today (Saturday Dec, 1st) is Scouting for Food in the Cascade Pacific Council.   Pack 221 had about 35 Scouts and 14 Parents out in the local neighborhood collecting the bags of Food.  The weather was just perfect, a quick drip rain, some wind, but a lot of sunshine.  In past years it snowed, frosted and we froze!  In all Pack 221 collected 302 bags of food.  Which according to the St John’s Fisher’s  SFF person, that was enough to feed 40 families.   Their outreach services 147 families and 60 elderly couples.  I had never known how or what they did with the food.  I know what happens, but they were able put a face on those who will use it.

The real standout today was a story that was told to me by a Den Leader and then the Scout himself.  As they were collecting food, a Scout went up to ask for a donation.  The person who answered stated that they have no food and all they had was peanuts.  The Scout thanked them  anyways and left.   As he left, he thought that he needed to do something.  So, at the next house the bag he got he walked right over to the person with just peanuts and gave it to them.  He was asked why he did it and his reply was, all they had were peanuts and we were collecting food for people like them.  So, I thought it was the right thing to do.

I can say that several people today thanked that Scout and told him he did a good job.  He is a first time Scout this year to the Pack.   I now know what I will be doing for a Cubmaster Minute for the December Pack Meeting.  That unknown Scout that helped William Boyce in the fog was known today.

We will be using this as part of our Messenger’s of Peace award that is from the World Scouting of the Scout Movement.  Several Scouts and Parents of Pack 221 had previously performed a service project at the Oregon Foodbank.

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