I re-read this again tonight. I needed it. I need to stay on the path and let my son be the one who guides in this endevour. Will get back out visiting Troops after Christmas break.

Scouter Adam: Notes from the District Commish

I know that this blog is read by a few Troops within the district.  Please do not read anything into this post.

It has been about fours years since Elliot started Cubscouts with Pack 221.  He is now a Webelos II.  I have been the Tiger Den Leader and now am entering my last year as Cubmaster.  It is that time to really start looking for a Troop.

While, I have been on that search since my second year as Cubmaster, Elliot has not.  Nor should he have.  Traditionally since we started with Pack 221, the Scouts have gone to one Troop.  Fine.   This last year, the Webelos II went to two different Troops.  The traditional and then one that took me by surprise.  I thought that another Troop had the lock on a few.  Nope, they all minus one went to one where our family buys the Christmas Trees…

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