Messengers of Peace

Pack 221’s first Service Project of the 2012-2013 year was today.  We planned for two and half hours of working at the Oregon Foodbank in sorting food.  This was a fun event that helped the boys give back to the community and also understand that some people are not able to put food on the table.   Many of the adults that were there helped carry on conversations with the Scouts on why we are doing this.  They Scouts asked questions and explained in their own words.  Sometimes it was, “What patch do I get?”   I would explain that while yes, there is a patch, the main reason we do this is to help others.  We do not always have to be rewarded for doing a good turn.

The Adults were very surprised at the large bins/boxes of potatoes we had to bag up in #10 increments.  Two of the bins were about 5.5 feet tall.  Almost two tigers tall!  But we nailed it!  It took team work and shifting postions/jobs as we went.  Never really heard complaints.  During the 2.5 hours you could see the bins get smaller.  We pointed it out to the Scouts.

Overall we bagged 8,07 pounds of potatoes that will help create 6,211 meals.  Which roughly is 270 meals per Scout & Adult that helped out.  It was great when the Oregon Foodbank Volunteer pointed all of that out to us.  There were 13 Scouts and 12 Adults/Parents for a grand total of 62.5 hours of service that will now get logged.

We will in the end combine our time, efforts and others with the upcoming Scouting for Food to help us earn the Messengers of Peace Award.

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