Cathlapotle & The Naturalist

The Tree Scouts of P221 went on an outing this past weekend to complete their Naturalist Webelos Activity Pin.  They went to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge in SouthWest Washington just outside of Vancouver.

This is a great place to come to help satisfy many requirements at all levels, even into Boy Scouts.  While the Webelos did learn a lot from our guide and the walk around the Refuge, the side bonus was the Native American Village and Plankhouse of the Cathapotle (Chinook) Tribe.

What I find very fascinating is that this area was a central gathering area of all the rivers that brought many people together.  This Native American Tribe thrived and traded up and down the Columbia River.

Apparently there is a Tree that is supposed to be about 700 years old, next to the Plankhouse and is talked about in the Lewis and Clark Journals.  While I know that Lewis & Clark came through here and wintered at Ft Clatsop, it was neat to know they were romping around where I was.

We did carry out the goals of the Naturalist Activity Pin.  If you really spent a full, long day here, you could complete the Forester Activity Pin as well.  We did that at Magness Tree Farm last year about this time.

Again, another reason to be on the Journey of Scouting.  An opportunity to go some place, learn something and to be outdoors.

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