Cascade Pacific Program & Training 2012

  November 3rd 2012 was the Cascade Pacific Council’s annual Training Conference.  We call it Program & Training Conference.   I started going to this in 2009.  I should have in 2008, but I did not what know what it was or why I should go.  I went in 2009 as part of my Wood Badge Ticket, taught in 2010 and 2011.  Each year I learn something new.  This year was no different.

I taught alongside, again, with Jerry Schleining a fellow Beaver for the Social Media class.  Having us two in the same room together, is dangerous.  We giggle too much.  Even when Old Yeller gets shot.. (inside joke).  Here are the slides for the class. PTC CPCBSA Social Media Class 2012.  Our basic theme was, tell your Journey of Scouting using the Scout Oath & Law.

I also took the Advanced Autism class that was hosted by John and Karen Krejcha of Scouting & Autism Group.  They also run the Autism Empowerment Non-Profit Group out of Vancouver, WA.   John and Karen were awesome.  I still have to go through my notebook that they handed out and read it all.  I learned several things.  Stimming is what people do on the spectrum to help comfort themselves.  I never knew that name.  But I knew what “Have a Fidget” was.  Just knowing or having been told that in public made me remember what Elliot does and what it annoys me to no end.

The second and more powerful thing was “Get into THEIR World!”  I just do not do that with Elliot enough.  I try to spend time with him and his sister, but I am not sure if I “Get into THEIR World!”

I told John later, that I would have liked to have heard more about Advancement within Scouting.  He said he is working on that.  What I did hear, is that there is a ISAP (just like an IEP) for Scouting.  Tony Mei from the BSA National Office who is on the Special Needs Committee was also there.  He had good insight on a few items and I did get to met him.  Incredibly great guy.

  I also got to hear Mike Walton speak.  Yes, he came from Tennessee via Phoenix to drink our coffee and experience the rain.  He is but one of several volunteer Scouter’s who is behind the US Scouting Service Project.  The great thing about having OUTSIDE Guest Speakers at a local Council Event is seeing what others think about Scouting.  We as Scouter’s can become so isolated within our own Scout Unit, District & Council that we forget that SCOUTING IS WORLD WIDE!  We are not alone.

While I sat in the class and learned more about what the BSA is doing, I was able to continue the conversation at the Staff Dinner and even long into the night with him and a fellow Beaver.   I learned a lot about Scouting.

Finally, I took a Board of Review Class from a fellow Pioneer District Scouter.  She taught the  Merit Badge Counselor class at our District Training event last weekend.   Since I am crossing over with Elliot in March 2013, I know I will want to give to the Troop.  So, I took this class.  I have taken the “How to Chair an Eagle Board class” but this gets into the Troop versions.  A lot of it is very similar, but wow, Troops do things very differently.  Misconceptions are rampant.  We had a conversation the other day at the Scout Shop and I confirmed that I want this class coupled with the MBC Class to be taught at our Training Days!

The other great thing that happened was I got to see a Scouter who would have stayed in the Pack, but due to school boundaries his son had to go to another school.  He was there taking a lot of classes on how to run a basic Pack/Den Meetings and to hold ceremonies!  I was very happy to see him.  Since I was talking to Matt Devore, I introduced each other and to  a fellow a Beaver.  I was excited to see him there.  His son is doing great in the Den & Pack as well.

Overall, a successful Saturday!

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