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This summer my Dad was diagnosed with B-Cell Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma.  He has always been incredibly healthy.  Cancer is a very weird animal.  There are so many different versions of it and it attacks so many parts of the body.

There really is not much that I personally can do since I am in Portland, except to show support as I can.  I do get to Seattle where the treatment is, but not so much lately.  I went looking at what I could do and that the Family in Portland could do.   There is a walk or run for anything.  Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow you name the color and it’s there.

I found the Leukemia & lymphoma Society.  They were having a Light the Night Walk here in Portland.  I signed up and said we are going.  And we did.    Which was a dilemma for me.  As a Family (Mom/Dad/Sister & I) first thought DON’T POST ON FACEBOOK!  There are things you post and things you don’t.    Well, I called Dad and told him what we were doing and I wanted to raise money for the walk.  He was fine with it.  According to him, most if not all of Billings and the relatives already knew.  Ok, if Billings, Mt knew, then ok.

I want to personally say thank you to all of those who are contributed to the Light the Night.  We raised $990!  Which is totally awesome.  I think the thing raised over $300,000.  Just reading all the  stuff on how they use this money is amazing.  It’s not just research, but also to help support the patients and families.  This money will go to great use.

So, the physical walk is over, what happens now?  Well, Dad keeps fighting and we keep fighting too.  Here is what YOU can do:

I will ask you all to do this…. Go to the Red Cross and give Blood.  Check and see if you can give through a process called Apherisis.  I do.  It’s giving of White Blood Cells.  It helps those who are like my Dad and need this.  He does not, but many do.  It saves lives.  I went to the Red Cross in 2010 to kick off 7 days of going a good turn for a badge within Boy Scouts.  I completed those requirements, but I keep going. (Which reminds me I need to get another appointment.)

You do not have to be a Boy Scout to Do A Good Turn Daily.

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