Trained Leaders

  Someone once said (He’s seated in the middle) that every Scout deserves a trained Leader.  So true.

This weekend in the Pioneer District in Cascade Pacific Council, eight adults got trained in Scoutmaster Essentials, another nine got certified for Merit Badge Councilors, seven Charter Org Representatives also were trained and one Den Mother had a two on one training.  Also two for Hazardous Weather!

As Training Chair, I find this as an overall success.  The lead-up with registration emails had 3 SM trainees, 5 for Cubscouts, 3-4 for Merit Badge and none for the rest.

Pioneer has three signed up for ITOLS over the Nov 3-4th weekend already.

My fellow Scouters in the neighboring District actually pulled off a great training.  They put on for the Cubscout Leaders.  The put on a Den Meeting, Pack Meeting and then trained for each position sans Youth Protection.   They had about eight Cubscout Leaders.  Which, were new to the program. Again, great success.

Two things happened over this Training event and a Top Team Meeting with Council.

First, a lady from a Special Needs Troop in the District got information about the training within the upcoming Program & Training Conference 2012 within the Council.  I talked to her about being on the Spectrum and referenced this training and the Scouting and Autism Group.  I told her about my friend who heads up this group and that Tony Mei from BSA National will be there talking.  I urged her and others to go.  It’s on her radar now.  Training happens to get the word out.

Secondly: At Top Team there is a lot of talk about changing how Training happens and Mandatory Training.    While nothing if firmed up just yet, it looks like the Cubscout Leaders are going to be first on Mandatory Training.  Several reasons for this.  Mainly is, if these Leaders who are first into Scouting get the understanding that Training is needed, they will get it and once they move onto another Program, they will seek out training.  The other fact is, Cubscout Leaders affect not only how the Scouts join and stay within Scouting, but it also keeps them and the other Parents in as well.  Cubscout Leaders have great affect on the delivery of the Program.

Third: Training….Council is wanting training to happen year round and not just having a District do the same training over and over again.  It might be that one district does one training, and everyone goes to that.  Then another district does a different one.  So it rotates around.  Plus, it could be joined Districts putting on Training.

Training is essential to the Scouts, it helps them advance in rank, but also as people.  Training for Scout Leaders is essential, because they affect the Scouts and program.

You would not want a Doctor to operate on you if they only took ONLINE Training while they surfed Facebook and answered the questions after surfing…. You want their full attention so they don’t overlook an issue that could affect your life.

Training is needed.  Take the time to learn and find learning.  I know that coming to this weekend’s training really paid off for one Mom, her son and now Troop.

Source of Picture is found here.  I had never seen a photo of the 1st Wood Badge in 1919.

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