Ed Harris Patch Trade-O-Ree 2012

I went to my first ever Patch Trading event.  It was great.  I went looking for only the 2012 CSP/OA Flap since they make one for the event each year.  You meet the nicest people at Scouting events!

This event is called the Ed Harris Trade O Ree.  I had seen CSP’s with his name on it and never knew who he was or why it was in his name.  I found out.  Ed Harris is a very long time Scouter who passed away 10 years ago in 2002.   This event is held as a fundraiser for the capital endowment for the Cascade Pacific Council.  There are a lot of facts that I could get wrong, so I will just say, that he was very involved at many levels from Cubscouts, Boy Scouts, OA, District and Council level.

While I was there, I started looking at a lot of very cool items.  I wanted to buy a few, but quickly saw how much they are.  As always, there is a Woodbadger present.

To which, I found a fellow Beaver.  A great conversation was had and I learned a lot about patch trading.  He was very kind in helping me get started.

I also bought a Webelos/Lion’s Book, it is one that I wanted for a while.  I could have spent a lot of money there, but only came with what I had and set my limit.

I did get a CSP of a set that is of my first and favorite Scout Camp.  Camp Cooper.  I know that I will now need to get the entire set.  Good thing, I know the Scouter who sold it to me.

I got a few other patches as well.  All of them are very nice.  I had a great time there, and I suspect I will be back next year.

My only wish is that I now want Cascade Pacific to start creating Wood Badge CPCBSA Patches like I got here.  It would be a good thing.  Each year there could be a different set based upon the Critter of the Course Director…;)

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