Join Night 2012

I now have been at 5 Join Nights at the Pack.  I joined the first one, and got nervous at the rest.  I should have this down, and I think that I do but every Join Night is different.

The Tally:

9 Tigers (including Mission Possible‘s)
12 Wolves  (8 returning + 4 new)
12 Bears  (9 Returning + 3 new)
6 Webelos I Returning No new
10 Webelos Returning. No New

I think that we also have about four adults who will actually sign-up and be Co-Den Leaders or be on the committee.  Over the summer we had a Dad sign-up for the Events Chair as that Chair is moving into the Committee Chair position.  The current Committee Chair is more than likely to be the Co-Den Leader for the Webelos II.

Each year, I want to have about 10 Tigers join.  That is to replace the Webelos II.  We do get boys joining the other ranks and that’s a good thing.  This year, we have 17 boys joining.  Counting the Webelos II that left and those who are returning, it’s about a wash at this point.  We have several inquiries via email and boys who want to recruit their friends.  All those people have been reached out too.

So, with Mission Possible Tigers we have 16 totally new Scouts within the Pack.  Not bad.  Most we have had since I took over as Cubmaster.  Which, actually this is an upward trend for us.

Our historical Scouts on Charter was 80 in about 2005-2006 timeframe.  It sank from there.  2008 when Elliot joined was about 30.  With all the normal Webelos II Crossover & dropout we are on the upswing.  Last year we were about 53?  So, really not bad.

The one good thing about this Join Night is that the Pack is healthy and sustainable.  I do not want a Pack bigger than 60.  50 is a lot.  I know people who are in a Pack that is 100+.   To me, that is a lot of Committee/Den Leader time and Parent involvement.   If you can get it and it works, great.

Seeing the Pack grow  to 50 from 30 when Elliot started, really make me feel good.  This year, as I keep pointing out is my last in Cubscouts.  I am now on the opposite side of where I was in 2008.  I was looking at the Webelos II thinking, its going to be forever till Elliot is that old.

I think that I have seen 80 boys cycle through the Pack.  Pretty amazing.  If you think about the 4% that will be Eagles, there is roughly 4 Scouts that will be that have passed through Pack 221 while I was there.  Hopefully, I get to see that happen.

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