Elliot visits a Troop

Tuesday night, Elliot and his buddy went to their first Troop visit.   It was his first foray into Troop Life.  While he has been around Boy Scouts before, this was the first meeting.  Yes, he went to Webelos Woods in 2011.  He went to a day of a Camporee at Wapiti in 2009 as a Wolf and had a blast.  But, this was the first time he was there because he might crossover into this Troop in March 2013.

I did arrange it and get his buddy to come along with his Dad.  It was just as much for the boys as it was for the Parents.  While I think that I understand Troop life, it was good to see it in action.  There was no “Webelos Open House” type stuff.   I wanted normal mayhem.  We got it.

I felt myself wanting Elliot and his buddy to tie knots, learn First Aid, have a Scoutmaster’s Conference, cook something….nope, they played games and teased each other.  They talked to the Scouts, some of which came from our Pack this last March.

Yes, Elliot got bored in the beginning, but I get to meetings early.  He got questions, he was introduced to several people and he was himself.  Elliot and his buddy got brought up in front of the Troop and had to answer three questions.  What’s your name, What’s your favorite superhero and what kind of Peanut Butter do you like?

We got to see an Eagle Scout get his Official Certificate (ECOH is later) and a new Scout join and his swearing into the Troop and Scouting.

Then it was off to Troop life.  Scoutmaster Conferences, Advancement confirmation with Advancement Chair (my old Webelos Den Leader is now it!) and planning for a climbing weekend.  The younger scouts did playing and some working on skills.  Yup, its normal stuff.

The Dad and I got chatted up by many people.  They have a Parent Unit Leader who coordinates Parent involvement.  All the Dads came to say hello and introduce themselves.  I found that many of them were Cubmaster’s.  (Is there a Club? I want to join!)

I know the Scoutmaster.  He’s a great guy and it shows within the Troop.  We all got invited to go on camp outs with them.

On our way home, I asked what Elliot liked and did not like.  Apparently he thought there would be smore’s so he did not like that.  He like the Scouts and the games.  He knows that it’s up to him to decide.  He asked if we were going to see them again and see others.  I said yes.  He said ok.

Will he pick this Troop?  I have no clue.  Does he understand Troop life better?  I don’t know.  Do I have a better understanding of Troop life?  Yes.  From all the blog reading and podcast listening I have done, I have not been at a Troop Meeting.  I learned a lot.

Overall, I have seen Elliot mature a lot these past few weeks.  Tonight he matured again, but still was that goofy kid that I love.

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