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I took my 2nd grade daughter, Rachel to the Girl Scout Shop.  She needed her Brownie Vest, Troop Numbers and other stuff.  She got a T-shirt and hat too.  I also got her a couple of patches.  It’s the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts this year, and dadgummit she needed those patches…  😉

I also turned in my membership application to be a part of the Troop.    Yes, I am soon to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader.  Well, I am going to aid her Troop Leader who is totally awesome.  Her son joined the Pack in the Spring as a Tiger.  Plus a lot of the boys in the Pack have sister’s in the Girl Scout Troop.  It’s all about the Scouts!

So, why did I do this?  I realized over the summer that Rachel did not go to Summercamp with the Troop due to several issues within the local Council and I think Troop.  It’s NOT due to the leadership whatsoever. (Need to make that point clear.)  It was more along the lines of the Service Unit within the Council.

I firmly believe that camping is one of the main things that will keep Scouts in Scouting.  It’s not a male/female thing, it’s a SCOUT THING!

I have a lot of learning to do about how Girl Scouts run and function.  I already know that I am a minority within Girl Scouting.  (Finally, I can claim being a minority!)

Within the Cascade Pacific Council that I belong to in Boy Scouts, there is a Girls Camps offered twice in August.  Elliot went there 3rd grade as a Webelos I.  He had a blast.  The fee for both Scout/Adult as a Boy Scout or Girl Scout is exactly the same.  No difference.  (Unless the Pack has attained FOS for the year, then there is a difference.)  So, I posed this to the Troop Leader about going next year as the Brownies will be old enough to go.  I have historically heard that the local Girl Scout Council’s camp do not have good food nor enough food and girls go hungry.  I have not been there, this is hearsay but I have heard the same from many people.

I do have other reasons in joining Girl Scouts.  Just as I joined Cubscouts to be with my son and have that time & relationship, I should have same & equal time with my daughter.  Elliot’s time within Cubscouts is slowly coming to an end. So is mine.  So, I can shift my time to Girl Scouts.  I will still be involved with Boy Scouts and his Troop.  (At this time, I do not know what my involvement at the Troop level will be.)  I can help Rachel’s Troop to have fun and reach their goals to be the BEST BROWNIES EVER!  A lot of the Cubscout material does work for Girls.  I need to read her Brownie Girl Guide Book and understand what they need to do.  I also need to look at all the training that I need to take either online or in person.

I am looking forward to this.  It’s going to be fun.

I have also started looking for Dad’s who are Male Girl Scout Leaders.  There is already a patch, and I found an interesting blog.  More fun, more to blog about.  Beside’s I’m ScouterAdam.  Not BOY SCOUTER ADAM or GIRL SCOUTER ADAM!

I will admit that I have already talked to Rachel about Venturing and SeaScouts.  Both programs have girls in them.  My hope is, just like the same with Elliot, that she has a wonderful time within Girl Scouts.  If she attains the Gold Star Award, awesome.  If she does not, that’s fine too.  If she finds that Venturing or Sea Scouts offers more, great.  I will switch/follow her as needed and if she wants.

If you have a daughter or are a daughter, please read Strong Father Strong Daughter.  It’s a great book that I found from listening to Dave Ramsey.  It’s changed my world just as Rachel did.

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