My First Aid Kit

Recently, I took Wilderness First Aid.  I ended up using it when my daughter had a bad accident.  I realized that my First Aid Kit sucks.   Next week I am off with the “Tree Scouts” aka P221 Webelos II to Adventure Cove for 5 nights.

This being the case, I needed to get my kit in order.  So I went off to three places and bought First Aid Supplies.  These are mainly for blisters, stings, scrapes and some lite trauma care.  I have what I think are the basic’s.  This kit is not set-up for massive wound care.  That being said, I have fit a lot into a small bag.  One main thing that I did is to make sure that the gloves and bandages are latex free.  Never know when a person I might work on my be allergic.  Below are the photos of my kit.  I packed a lot in there.  I have the extra’s in my car.  So, I feel better to respond for the basic basic items.  I even have a Blood Clot Kit from an Army Field Medic that I got from a Pack Meeting Demo.  They gave it to me.  Pretty cool.  Hopefully, I never have to use it.  I did however get a really really small one from REI.

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