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Recently, the Boy Scouts of America has reaffirmed their place on the membership requirements.  It comes on the heels of a recent petition submitted to the BSA by an Eagle Scout whose parents are lesbian. Which dealt with the issue of a now former Tiger Den Leader who is a lesbian.  The Boy Scouts of America has also responded to the Oregon Supreme Court’s Ruling on the files it holds.

If you have not read or seen these statements, please take the time to read through these.

I personally have read and watched this for sometime.  I have been on occasion asked what my stance and thoughts were on it.  I have even heard that friends and family have been asked too, or seen it on their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Forums or Google+ sites.

I basically have kept quiet since, there is not much I can do or say about the policy that will change it.  I do have my views.

However, my views on this really have not much to do with the physical process of delivering the Scouting program to those who sign-up for it.  I do not talk about the LBGT community at a Pack or Den Meeting.  We do not have LBGT Go-See-Its.

What the Boy Scouts of America does not talk about is about sexuality. It is contained in the Youth Protection training for all volunteers at every level.  At the very beginning of every handbook is a parents guide to “How to Protect your children from Child Abuse.”  There is also a video that has been shown to the Webelos II group that Elliot is in called ” It happened to me.”  All of these can be found here at this link.

It is a tough time to be associated with Boy Scouts of America.  But, I am staying with them.  I am continuing my association with The Boy Scouts of America and The Cascade Pacific Council.  I believe that there is a lot of good that Scouting can and does give for the youth.  Go back and read past posts of this blog and you will find out what I mean.  There are too many posts to link here.

I also believe that in time, hopefully, that The Boy Scouts of America as a National Organization will come around.  Because there are about 289 Councils within the BSA, it will take time.   Some Council’s have already done so.  Case in point, Northern Star Council in Minnesota.  (If you have questions on how/why  they can do this, please contact them directly.)  It will take time.

Remember, it took time for African-Americans to get the right to vote.  As it did for women to vote.  It took time within The Boy Scouts of America to let women be Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leader, Cubmasters,  Scoutmasters and to be allowed into the Order of the Arrow.  There are still rude comments about women holding this positions that I have seen and heard first hand.

I do have several friends who are in the LBGT Community because they are Lesbian or Homosexual.  I also have friends who are Republican, Tea Party, Green Party and Democrats.  I recently switched from being a lifelong Democrat to Independant.  I also have and have known friends/family who are members of many different faiths.  Do I care about their beliefs? Sure.  Do I agree with them?  No & Yes.  Would I want them in the Pack?  Sure, if they were able to abide by the rules and are there to help on the subject at hand.  Now, I didn’t say become a registered Scouting volunteer.  Correct.  That at this time cannot happen.  Does not mean that they could not come help demonstrate something to the Pack or Den.  Sure, why not?

I do value my friends and people I meet and I judge them on them and who they are.  I do Not based this upon sex, race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

Scouting to me as I have said before helps me get the Scouts Prepared. For Life.  A Scout helps all.  They do a Good Turn Daily.  They are there to help others in their time of need.  It’s not checking to see if they are LBGT or Republican or Democrat or whatever else that person might be.

As part of the Cubscout Promise we pledge: TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE

Helping other people means doing things to help those around you—your family, friends, classmates, neighbors, and others in your community—without having to be told.

So, I am here “To Help Other People”

If I can show the Scouts and others through my actions and meetings that helping others is a good thing, then we will all be better for it.

Besides, it was the goal of Sir Robert Baden-Powell the founder of Scouting as he wrote in 1917:  “The roots of Scouting have grown among young people of all civilised countries and are developing more each day. It might be thought that if in years to come, a considerable proportion of the future citizens of each nation forms part of this brotherhood, they will be joined by a bond of personal friendship and mutual understanding such as has never existed before, which will help to find a solution to terrible international conflicts.”  Thus, Messenger’s of Peace.

There is hope.
Messenger’s of Peace: BSA Website
Messenger’s of Peace: WOSM Website

Yours in Scouting,

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    Great post my thought from the other side of the pond can be found here

    Please feel free to comment even if it is just a link back to this post people in the UK need to realise that the Media stance is not the only.

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