It’s not a Scout thing

In and earlier posting about being ready, I made a statement right at the end of “It’s not a Scout thing”.  I want to say that I know what I was saying at this point, and the closest that I can come to putting it down in words is,  my reaction was not based upon being a Scouter.    That nothing that I have done up to this point had anything to do because of Scouts.  That it was all me being a Father and that any normal person would do what I did.  But, it’s not correct.

If you read the comments from the post, you will see that I got called out on that statement.  A few minutes after I read that during my morning coffee, that Scouter dialed me up on his speed dial.  It’s a good feeling to know that I am on a speed dial.

We talked briefly about my daughter and how she was and what happened.  We talked about our recent vacations that our families took.  (It’s tad eerie that they were a bit similar.)

Then he got into the meat of the reason of why he called.  He explained about several First Aid incidents that happened during his vacation.  He realized how Wilderness First Aid played a part of where he was.  He talked about how people go off hiking in flip flops and carry a cellphone 2 hours into the woods thinking that’s their lifeline.

We talked about how the ideals of Scouting do work into our lives.  Leave No Trace, Bringing Food, Water, 10 Essentials on a hike.  How we do a good turn, how it’s a Scout who steps up when needed.  In anything.  Helping out, saving lives, getting a car unstuck….you name it.  A Scout is generally there.

We talked about how we as Scouters always talk Scouting at the drop of a hat.  It covered our excitement of being a Scout, to those who think we are a tad nuts that we talk SO MUCH about it.  I offered up that I have apologized about being TOO SCOUTY. We talked about those who just don’t get what Scouting is all about and it was part of everyday life.  He did not offer an apology.  This is something that I have heard from him before.  It is something that I have said before.  But, I realized something this time.

Why, was I apologizing on being a Scout? Why was  apologizing about what I was taught and how I use what Scouting is all about?  Yes, I talk about earning beltloops and all the Cubscout Awards possible.  But, it is much more that.

It’s Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health & Fitness, Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, Resourcefulness, Respect and Responsibility.  The 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting.  This are the cornerstone of the Cubscout Promise and Law of the Pack.  They lead into  the Boy Scouts Oath and Law.  Why was or am I denying this?  Why would anyone?

In the end, we both agreed that the now new slogan of the BSA is correct.  “Prepared. For Life.” Scouting prepares us for anything.  First aid, corporate board rooms, leading others, learning and adventure.

So, it was Scouting that prepared me for what happened.  It also prepared my Bear Den Leader. He is an Eagle.  He also was awarded the Heroism Award as a Boy Scout. Who is now a Physician’s Assistant in an ER.

Scouting prepares the youth and adults for life.  Yes, I am a Scouter and it IS a Scout thing!

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  1. Even better said! I’m proud of all that you have learned and accomplished by being involved in BSA. The time it takes you away from us is for the good of all. 😀


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