Adult Training & Key Knots 2012

In several past post‘s I have talked about Knots that are either awarded or earned by an Adult Volunteer.   I also wrote an email to the BSA directly about their changing of the knots.   I got a tad grumpy about it.

In the past couple of weeks this Summer, the BSA has now come out with all the requirements for the Training Awards for Adult Leaders in Units.

(This link will take you to the page, so just scroll down to the section.)

Change happens and you have to move on.  I am over being grumpy.  I now have two vintage knots on my shirt.  Yes, I bought a few extra so I have them.

Here is what I like about the new progress reports.  They are all in the same direction.  So, the Den Leader Training Award document is used by the Tiger, Wolf, Bear & Webelos Den Leaders.  After the first time it is awarded, the DL will get a device signifying it is earned again.  My only issue with the form is that under the Training section it calls for “This is Scouting” to be taken.  Not a huge issue, but the BSA has recently stated that course is no longer needed to be considered “TRAINED”.  I would say, that if your new to being an Adult Scouter in a Pack, you should take it.  It’s 30 minutes.

The Cubscouter Knot is now the Scouter’s Training Award.  Again, it’s similar to the Cubscouter Knot requirements.  I do like how it ties in the Journey to Excellence program.  I am on track now to get the Cubscouter Knot.  (Again it will be a vintage knot by the time I earn it.)

The Cubmaster Knot as well is no longer.  It is now called the Cubmaster Key.  It is the same as the Scoutmaster’s Key.  Again it make sense in the plan.  My only gripe is the three years of tenure compared to the two.  One year as an Assistant Cubmaster still counts.  However, the Tenure section gets in line with the requirements of being a Scoutmaster.  Which once you start thinking about it, makes sense.  Just forces Pack Committees to work the recruiting for Leaders on the burner than the back burner.

I have linked to the BSA Website for the physical PDF Progress Records on this site.  I will say that as of this posting (7/2/2012) all sites outside of are out of date.  Please refer to for the most complete set of information.  I know that the US Scouting Service Project‘s website will be getting an overhaul at some point.  Please use that site outside of  I use USSSP’s site as well as the BSA Training Update site to find a lot of information.  The latter for updates from the BSA.  The BSA Training Team has a Facebook Page as well.  They are a great source of information.  Plus they do answer questions quickly.  They are friendly!

So, download the forms.  Start working on them.  Since my CubScouter Knot was already in progress, I will be using that form.  I will say that when I became the Cubmaster for Pack 221, I looked at what I needed to do and know.  I found the Cubmaster Knot.  I knew I wanted it.  I quickly realized that I needed to do several things to earn it.   I got a Unit Commissioner, earned the Quality Unit Award twice, Summertime Pack Activity Award and took the training.  All of these other awards made me create fun for the Pack.  It helped me make the Pack a lot better.  Knots are good.

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  1. Denise says:

    I agree – knots are good! It’s funny when I go to District Roundtable and see all the “good-old-boys” there with their chest-ful of bling. Sadly, I don’t think a single member of our Pack has a knot of any kind (at least that I’ve seen sewn on to their uniform). I’m hoping to be the first – maybe it will inspire others in our Pack too 🙂


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