Whistle Punk Hike

June 30th was the Cubmaster Hike #3 just outside of Carson, WA in the Wind River area.   This was a great 1.5 mile hike in a place that my family has ever been.  It was very flat and easy with no up or down.  I wanted to find the Wind River Crane section, but due to an unmarked section, we did not turn Right, but left and ended back at the car.  Looking at the Map provided at the head of the Trail it showed that we saw everything.

However, looking back at the website now, I realize that a right turn would have been alright. We did not take the right turn since it was not marked.

However, what we did discover is the great choice of trees and plants.  My wife and I pointed out the many different kinds.  We also saw a Nursery Tree.  One that we asked if the kids had ever seen before.  We had during our trip to the Redwoods.

Along the first part of the trail was a good history of how a trees were harvested in this area.  The whole Timber Camp was pointed out that was in this area 100 years ago.

Overall, the hike was wonderful.  It was a good hour of hiking in a forest with a bit out from under it in a couple of clearings.  It is a well maintained area.    There are several sections that had chairs carved out of trees.  Those were fun to sit in.  Benches were also made out of fallen logs.

My two bits of advice.  Bring a lot of water since there are no streams. Which, we did.  Also bring an insect repellant.  We didn’t and there were a lot of bugs.

Dogs need to be leashed, but we did not realize that until we left. The only sign that stated that was as we drove in and it was a tiny one.

This was set-up as a Cubmaster Hike for the Pack, however no one showed up.  Which is fine.  It’s not part of the Summertime Pack Event Schedule.  My goal for these hikes were to get my family OUTSIDE to a new place that we had never gone to.  That goal was achieved 100%!

The one great other bonus was that we went to Skamania Lodge for lunch.  I helped open it in Feb 1993 while I was still in the culinary world.  I was in charge of all the cold food for the entire hotel.  I had only been back a few times and never with my wife.  Which, she duly pointed out as we drove by it.  Suffice to say, the food was good as was the service.  It was however WAY OVER PRICED!  There was a group there demonstrating various birds.  That was totally amazing.  They showed Falcon, Snowy Barn Owl, Kestrel, Black Tail Hawk and the Bald Eagle.  The Hawk flew over the heads of the audience many many times.  Most over Elliot & Rachel.  Only inches.  They loved it.

So, get out.  You never know what you might meet and learn.

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