The #501st Final Pack Meeting

Our final Pack Meeting was on June 4th.  It was a complete blast. Member’s of the 501st Cloud City Garrison helped with the final Flag Ceremony and Pack Promotion.

We wanted to end the year with a big send-off and the 501st helped make it happen. As with tradition, we made sure each remaining award was handed out.  I also congratulated all the Den Leaders and Committee members for doing a job well done.  As I pointed out in an earlier post, I am very glad they are there. I was also able to recognize a now Bear Scout with the Religious Youth Knot.  I was not aware that he had undertaken it, until I saw his mom at a baseball game that my son was playing against.  It’s a huge thing to undertake and complete.  So, I made sure I brought him up in front of everyone and explained his achievement.  No Scout in the Pack since I have been apart of it since 2008 has earned this Knot.  I told him that I was proud of him and that I was honored to present it to him.

At this point, we started the Promotion from Webelos I to II, Bears to Webelos I, Wolves to Bears, Tigers to Wolves and introduced the new Tigers.  I spoke about how they earned their rank, what they went through and all the fun they had.  I pointed out to each, that they are working their way up the Trail to Arrow of Light and towards the Eagle Scout Rank.  As they passed me by, their Scarves came off and were given their new books and Scarves.  I shook each hand and congratulated them.  The New Scouts were then congratulated by the members of The Cloud City Garrison.
I was able to spend a few moments giving my last announcements about Summer Pack Events, Camp and thanking the boys and parents for a great year.

It was then off to the Races for the Scouts.  It was our second time putting on the Raingutter Regatta.  We liked it a lot the first time, we did it again.  It worked out well since we skipped a year.  Last year was the Bike Rodeo.  That was awesome as well.  However, this year it rained and we held it under the huge awning on the playground.  Overall, it was a huge time.  This accounted for our first Summertime Pack Event.

Which brings me to Mission Possible update:  The Pack Officially has two Tiger Den Leaders and seven Tiger Scouts. I turned in the paperwork for the seven Scouts.  One Tiger Den Leader has taken the online training and Youth Protection. The second is a current Scout Parent, so he gets the program.  The first is an Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow Brother. There is about 3-4 Scouts  that will make it on the list this fall. (Paperwork…..coming)  Also, all the Den’s are going to Camp.  This year, there is a Free Tiger Day Daycamp on July 7th.  BB Guns, Archery and all things Scouts!
We have also planned out our Summer Events (which was a no brainer we have done it since 2009).  Our next event is actually as Color Guard for the Junior Rose festival Parade on the 6th.

It was a great year, a great finish as well as start for the new Tiger Den and we are firing on all cylinders.  This Pack does not really stop in the Summer.
Remember, Being in Scouting, as a Volunteer, gives you the opportunity to have just as much fun as the boys!  If my son was not in Scouting…..this would not have happened.
I like these guys, Wonder if they know STEM Awards?  You think they would be Naturals?

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