Trained Tactical Scouters

Tactical ScoutersCombat troops, together with any service troops required for their direct support, who are organized under one commander to operate as a unit and engage the enemy in combat.In the Scouting world this would translate to: Scouters who together and  who are trained for their position within their Scout Units are organized under guiding principle to help build character, leadership and to offer a quality WOSM based program to the youth they serve before, during and after each Scout Event and Meeting.

So, why this title and posting?  Over the past couple of days I have been on a Training kick within Scouting and also at work. I also got involved in a small discussion on the Scouts Canada Facebook page.  They let me in there and I generally lurk about, eh.  We all follow Baden-Powell and like to wear Uniforms, use Dutch Ovens, like bacon a lot and sing really badly.  Oh, and then remember it’s for the Boys (or Youth in SA’s case)!  But one thing we have in common is training and why we should take it and why we should not be required to take it.

I am think that training should be taken.  Yes, I have taken BAD training that I really have never used.  But, that was on the clock, so I did get something out of it! Yes, I have sat through boring Scout training too.  Ugh.

So, I got excited as only a Trainer would be when the LDS came out with an updated document on LDS and Scouting.  This page also talks a lot about how Training is supposed to happen within the LDS.  Ok, I am not LDS and I know very little about it.  I know as much about it as I do being Jewish, Catholic or Hindu.

Now, what I really like is how the LDS Church looks towards training.  Being the Charter Org, this document has it right.  Now, each position is a Calling within the LDS. It’s an honor to be Called for a position.  The LDS even go so far to say, they will pay for any training and that Roundtable is a Good Thing!  There is even a LDS Cubscout Den Leader PDF Training off the site.

So why all the excitement about LDS?  I am not LDS….  Well, here is why.  The LDS have put Scouting as part of their mission to help their Youth.  Working with their program and the BSA’s there is good documentation and processes to help them offer a quality program.  As District Training Chair, I need to know when there is a difference so I can give them the correct information.

Which in the end will help me offer a better program to the Youth I serve.

Ok, so you might feel like, what’s up with the Tactical part of the title of this posting.  As Trainer’s we are charged with providing good information to the Scouter’s who will guide the Youth.  We support them with quality training, quality answers & information for what is needed.  Every Scouter is a Trainer to the Youth.  So, it is incumbant of each Scouter to Be Prepared for the meetings, outings and events that we go to or put on.

We are all in this together.  We are all Trained Tactical Scouters in support of each other for the Youth.

Get Trained.

Adult Training on
Training Team on (off to the right hand side is a link to the Training Times. It’s where the BSA National Training Team communicates to Everyone! They are on Facebook too!)
Other Adult Training Info on
Publications of most every document and/or Book the BSA has printed. Even ones for sale at the Scoutshop! (Download these and put on your Laptop/iPad/Tablet/iPhone or whatever you use. This is a great resource and cuts down on paper & 3-ring binders/books to carry!)

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