The Cascade Pacific Council has started up a very cool event.  It’s called Over the Edge.  At first, I thought it was something that us volunteers do to our District Executives!  Well, ok, we do.  Then I thought it was National coming out with a new version of “The EDGE Method” for training. Great, I had just completed “The Trainer’s EDGE” class the other month.

Nope, it’s a fundraising event for the whole Council.  I talked about it during another Council event with my DE and even with Matt Devore the Scout Executive.  Now, I am all for promoting Scouting as you know.  I am not a huge fundraising type guy.  I am not in front of or on the ground floor of it.  I do not like asking for money.

I do promote the annual Popcorn Drive for Scouting in the fall that Elliot does.  He uses it to pay for his activities and camp.  Remember, a Scout is Thrifty and helps the Pack GO!

I get and understand what Friends of Scouting does as well as the James E West Fund.  However, this is a tad bit more fun.  I have to raise $2500 in money to secure my spot in order to rappel down the side of the US Bank Tower.  This tower is in the Pioneer District, of which Pack 221 is in.

I have rappeled off the Rims in Billings, Mt and also off the Clock Tower at Shattuck St. Mary’s in Fairbault, Mn. So, I figured this was cool, but taking it a tad higher.  Which, apparently the US Bank Tower is the 2nd highest building in Oregon.  It takes place on June 29th in Portland, OR.

So, I signed-up.  Yeah, I want to do this.  So, I need your support to make it happen.  I am asking you to help.  What do you get out of your support?

Besides supporting a great program and making sure that a lot of boys and girls will have the opportunity to do something like this (yes they offer climbing in Scouts) or other cool adventures and life skills.  I will send you a signed photo of me going over the EDGE and the old official Pioneer District Patch for your donation.  Also, I will include a hand made Woggle out of Leather.  It is the same that I used in giving to all of my Cubscouts at the beginning of the 2011-2012 year.  It represents that we are all fellow Scouts and friends no matter where we are. I made 50 of them and I still have a lot of material left over.

So, help me help the boys and girls in my area have a great Scouting Adventure.  I support Scouting as my way of giving back because I believe in it.

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