Quail Forever!

March 19th & 20th were the beadings of Ken and Andy. They are my Peeps of the Bobwhite Patrol of the Woodbadge Course W1-492-11 in Cascade Pacific Council.  I am very proud of these Bobwhites for many different reasons.  There are a total of 6 Bobwhites within the Patrol.  Russ is slated for June and Barry is slated for April Beading Ceremonies.  The other two Bobwhites are close behind.

Every participant has their own story to write.  I am proud that I got to follow their story.  One great thing is with all the beadings that I get to go to, is to see how other Scout Units hold Arrow of Light and Court of Honor ceremony.  It’s the reflection of how each unit honors their Scouts and Leaders.  Scouting is very fun.  I look forward to having the whole Covey beaded!

Quail Forever!

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  1. Glenn says:

    Great job Bobwhites! Now go forth and do good deeds!

    Bear Patrol
    “Still working my ticket”


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