Arrow of Light 2012

  This weekend was the Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremony for the Fire Scouts of Pack 221.  It was held as a Pack overnighter at Scouter’s Mtn which is about 40 minutes from the School.  Pack 221 has held it there for the past three years.  This is our second time since I was a Tiger Den Leader in 08-09 that the Pioneer District Wanua La-Mon’ tay Lodge Chapter  of the Order of the Arrow did the ceremony for us.  Apparently, it’s the first time this OA Ceremony Team has done it at Scouter’s Mtn. (It might be longer, but what I have heard they do it at schools a lot more.)

They were fantastic.

The weekend started out with a rocket shoot with the Webelos I Den.  The Pack opened it up to everyone to bring a rocket, which several other Scouts did.  It was a solid hour of fun.  We lost one or two, but watching them go up has a blast.   During a recent Den meeting the Webelos I (Tree Scouts) worked on building the rockets.  Our Fearless Webelos Den Leader was not able to be with us this weekend due to the Flu bug.  But he got the boys to build the rockets.  One main thing that happened in most of the rockets was that the wadding was not placed in the rocket between the engine and parachute.  The end result of that was a melted parachute and a very rapid decent.  Which, after a few went up, we knew it was not an isolated issue.  Good skills on STEM!

The parents had such a good time watching them, we all decided that a Rocket Day would be in order next year.  Just have to figure out when.  We have the where.

As I said, this was the weekend for our Arrow of Light.  It’s the big deal and it’s one thing that I keep telling the boys to work towards besides their own rank.  It’s their Eagle in Cubscouts.

It was also the time that I had to say good bye to our Membership Chair and two Webelos II Den Leaders.  All three of them mean a lot to me.  They have done their best and it’s time to move on and take a break from the weekly Den Meetings and such.  I was able to get them each a small reminder of their time spent within the Pack.

The OA was able to work with us on a few interjections of personal commentary.  We had Arrows given to each boy from the Den Leader via their parents.  We had the boys give the parents pin to their parent.  Our Den Leader had a part for me to read about the Seven Rays of Light, which worked out perfectly since I personally gave them each a Arrow of Light Coin.  It was my Cubmaster gift to them.

It was a great ceremony.  The Troops that the boys are going to will be a great place for them to flourish. So, end of a great Cubscout career for the now Boy Scouts and retired Webelos Den Leaders and Membership Chair.  I will miss them all.  Hopefully, as I told the Scouts, that I would like to asked to their Eagle Court of Honors.


Your Old Cubmaster.

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