Why I do what I do

The other day, I wrote a post about Supporting the Village.  Over the past years of this blog I have written about what happens to me, my son, the Pack and many various things that happen during my Scouting life.    I have done a lot since Elliot joined in 2008.  My term of being Cubmaster will end in March 2013 when he crosses over into a Boy Scout Troop.  I will not stop being involved.

I was reminded today several times actually on why I do what I do.

The first was an email from my Mom that talked about Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  I grew up watching Mister Rogers and Sesame Street.  Couple the recent “The Muppets” movie and watching a documentary on “Being Elmo“, I have been on a flashback kick.  But the one thing that I realized in reading the Mister Rodgers article and watching “Being Elmo” is that I am not to different from them as being a Cubmaster.

“We can’t all be Mister Rogers. But in a world that’s often far too cold and mean, one in which bullies can now tyrannize with both a fist or a tweet, we can all stand to be a little bit better neighbors. Consideration and kindness and gratitude aren’t make-believe dreams. They’re what make us all special. Just by being us.” (From the Mister Rodgers article)

Now, I have several reasons about Scouting.  One is making sure that a Scout is ok. This is from my mantra that all boys should have a chance at Scouts and that they all can benefit from Scouting.  No matter if they leave before the Arrow of Light or attaining the Rank of Eagle.  If Scouting is not fun, then the Den Leader, Cubmaster or someone is at fault.  We as Leaders need to provide fun.  I know that sometimes Scout’s leave because they move.  But I will always remember them. (Yes, I still keep tabs on him.)

Here is Mister Rogers asking us to remember those who made a difference.

The second time I was reminded today was during a meeting with the District Exec and Program Chair for lunch.  As we went through our conversation, the Program Chair several times mentioned that it’s the Boys we are focusing in on.  We talked about Camping, Training, Scout Events, Friends of Scouting and “Doing our Best”.  There was discussion on everyone being on the same page.  If you bring Woodbadge into this, we are a High Performing Team.  There are those who are storming and continue to because they are on their own path.  We were working to figure out how to get them on the same page and also deliver and remember that “It’s about the BOYS!”  His dedication to Scouting is great.  His goal is the same as mine.  Make it fun.

Finally, the third and now last time I was reminded about what I do is a recent letter since out to parents from another parent.  I get what this person says.  Part of the email says

“I am inspired by the display of our community values at the auction and in our school broadly. Thank you! We are enriching the lives of our children and our neighborhood children by giving of our time and our money. I’m particularly humbled by families like the one I saw who give of both far beyond their share to the benefit of us all.”

I give of my time as Cubmaster and I do give of my money to Scouting.  Not just Pack 221, but also within the Council.  This is both directly to Pack 221, the District and Council.  Not only am I the Cubmaster for Pack 221, but I am the District Training Chair, as well as a Trainer, and instructor for both the Program & Training Conference (2010 & 2011) and for the 2011 Woodbadge course.  For me, I am able to affect the program within the Pack and help other Scouter’s affect theirs.  As for the financial aspect, I am able to ensure that boys and girls within Cascade Pacific Council will be able to have Scouting available to them.  This is in form of Camperships and resources made available to them in they or their families cannot afford it.  All of this, helps in achiveing the benefits of Scouting. (Do read this link since the benefits are many.)

So, here is my plea.  Take the time to volunteer.  If it’s within my Pack, let me know.  If your reading this and your not local, find a local Scout unit and volunteer.  It can even be at the District Level.  Take the training.  If your local within Cascade Pacific Council and you have not donated to Friends of Scouting, go here.

Your financial donation and/or of time will be greatly appreciated and realized in the youth it serves.  The affect of your donation might never be realized by you, but for the boy or girl it does, they will have skills that will be used for a lifetime.

Yours in Scouting

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