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The school auction that our school has each year was last night (Saturday March, 10th.)    It is put on by the school foundation and the people who worked on it are awesome.  They raised a lot of money.  Let’s just say that the District’s FOS Goal would have been realized in 2.5 hours.  While my wife and I gave, some other families did not.  Some families just did not show up.  Whatever their reason, I understand that they might not have been able to or they give in other ways.

I am pretty selective on where I give.  I give my time to Scouting.  I also give  money to Scouts and the school.  My wife is the PTA President and she gives that way and in the classroom and many other levels.  She is recognized for it and rightly so.

Yes, I/we  did end up with a few things.  Our family normally does.  I do this because the Portland Public School District and the Oregon State Lawmakers cannot figure out how to properly fund education.  Our teachers deserve to be paid like the 1% and they are not.  Our school buildings need to be upgraded to basic standards.  Most are not.   I don’t get political in this blog, but I am not happy with how schools are funded within my area and nationally.  We all moan and complain about how gas prices are going up and how the current President is to blame.  But we do not create the same angst on Facebook/Twitter/Etc for schools.  I come from a long line of teachers, my Brother-in-Law is a teacher a lot of my friends are teachers.  Even my former 7th grade girlfriend is a Chemistry/Biology teacher.  So, I support them.

So, how does this relate to Scouting?  Thanks for asking…

Two things happened yesterday.

The first, is a Tiger Cub missed a the TV Go-See-It for the 4G part of his badge due to having the flu.  On this Monday, his Den will be getting the Tiger Badge presented to them.  He was the only one that would not have gotten it.   As Cubmaster, I could not let that happen.   So, I emailed the family and figured out a way to make this happen.  He needed to learn about how others Communicate.  In emailing his Dad, we setup a time yesterday to have a in-home Go-See-It.  I brought in my two different Ham Radios and explained to him how they work.   His brother (a Wolf) and sister were also there.

While I was there, I asked him what he thinks communication is and how he does communicate.  We talked about phones, iPhones, computers and games he plays on the Wii.  He said that he plays against other friends over the network.  His Dad asked if he Skyped, to which he replied yes.   I then got into how people communicate via TV and Radio and all over the world.  Because I know the family, I was able to make it real personal to him.  As we got deeper into it, I brought out the two Ham Radios.  I explained them at a level that he could understand.  They all seemed to get it.

We did turn them on and I showed them how they worked.  We did not get much chatter except for the repeaters answering back in morse code. (If your a Ham Radio Operator, you will get this.  If your not, go take a class…;)  )  Due to the non-talking on the Radio, I used my iPhone App called 5-0 Radio.  It is a police scanner software.  So we listened to the Portland Police, Chicago EMT/Fire, Washington DC Police & Sidney Australia Fire channels, all from a dining room table.

In the end, he earned the 4G Communications Go-See-It activity.   I was able to do this because I cared about him getting his Tiger Badge and not having him feel left out.  That’s why I do Scouting.  I did not want him to have a bad experince that I had and leave Scouting.

Second thing:

At the end of the night when we were all checking out and paying our tab, I met a couple who has a son in Kindergarten.  We exchanged what we bought and about our kids.  Yes, I brought up Scouts.  The Dad stated that due to the high price of college that his son will be doing all sports and no scouts.  Scouts does not pay.  I was shocked to hear this and I started to talk about how Scouts and Sports can work together. (read this post from Scoutmaster Jerry for a better said reason)  I did not get complete the conversation with this Dad since we both got distracted.  However, I did relate it to my wife.  To which she said “You can do both!”  We went on on about how Scouting is a great thing, teaching skills and that if your an Eagle Scout it would carry you forward a lot further than Sports would at that level.  We also talked about if your trying to get into college and your the Football Team Captain and it’s down to you and 50 other people….the colleges are looking for a well rounded person.  To me, that Dad is short sighted and won’t get into the end-zone.

So, how does all these relate?  This way….
Support your Schools.  Support Scouts.  Support what is important to you and Do Your Best in doing it. Take the personal time to make a difference.   Don’t just think about your children.  Think about them and their friends.  Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.  You are in that village.  I care about the kids in it and those around it.  It’s why I give to the school and to Scouts.

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