I re-came across this tonight. I tell this story a lot about how Elliot likes to swim and what he wants his first Merit Badge to be. It’s roughly 54 weeks till his Crossover in March 2013.

Scouter Adam: Notes from the District Commish

One thing leads to another.  Generally in life.  While on Maui my son Elliot and daughter Rachel swam and snorkled all over the place.  In pools and Pacific Ocean.  It was great.  Rachel is more secure in a pool than the Ocean.  If she cannot touch the bottom, it freaks her out.  No problem. I completely understand.

While on Maui, we discovered Snuba.  It’s like Scuba, but the tank is on a raft with a 15 foot airhose that is strapped to you.  Elliot and I tried it in the pool and dug it.  I signed us both up for a session a few days later.  Both looking forward to it.  Suffice to say, we went had a good time.  Elliot did get very cold, stuck it out for 20 minutes but needed to come in.  He did his best.   I used that Snuba session to do the…

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