It all starts with Camping

Today, while stopped at Starbucks in the middle of a bike ride, I was reading all the Twitter posts.  I follow ScoutCanada’s Twitterfeed and they reposted a blog from a young man in the Venturing program.  He talked about how his first Summer camp was crucial for him staying in Cub Scouts.  His Pack was boring and the Akela was too. (Note to self…boys like FUN!)

Here is his Blog post.  Read it. It’s great.

This post goes to the heart of Scouting.  Boys want to have fun and will move on if not.  Scouting will also provide a lot of skills to those who participant.  Along with Camping skills, also a lot of social skills.  Yes, the boys will do what Bryan did, but they will come out with life long skills that will help them.

I follow several Canadian Scouters and they all seem to be having a lot of fun.  Someday I will get up past the border and see them.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, and for sharing my blog post!


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