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Well, I didn’t have a catchy title and that’s the first thing that came to mind.  Don’t worry, I am in the kitchen having coffee and not writing this on an iPad from the KYBO.

The 100 Days of Scouting have started up again.  The orginator has started it up again and I really like reading them.  Another Scouter Josh Nay is following suit as well.  While I am not going to write everyday, since for me that is a lot.  I think it’s important to support and read these blog posts.  It is one of the reasons that I am on Twitter and have developed friendships with other Scouters to this day.  We all wear the purple patch and subscribe the to the same Kool-aid.  I learn a lot from my Internet Roundtable. (Check out the list of Scout Blogs I follow on the bottom left hand side of the website for more)

A fellow Scouter Allan Campbell last night during the Pack’s Blue & Gold received his Beads for completing his ticket.  It was a great time.  Many of the Wood Badge staff and other Wood Badgers were on hand along with several of his patrol mates.   Three things happened there that were notable.
First: I had a great insight into how another Pack does Blue & Gold, Rank advancement (A Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light badges were handed out) happened.  Every Pack does it differently.
Second: I got to connect with a Bear Patrol Member who is an Assistant Cubmaster who had questions about his ticket.  I gave him ideas about other topics.  He is stuck since one needs to be rewritten.  Also, invited him to our Pack meetings so he can see how we do it.  It’s one of his ticket items to visit other Packs for that very reason.  A very smart ticket item.
Finally: I was made aware of another Troop that is in my immediate area that I was not too aware of.  They have 8-10 Scouts and are dying. I was invited to come to the Troop and bring the Webelos I & II.  The person who invited me is a fellow Wood Badger from the 2012 course and is trying to save it. He and I swapped info and he forwarded me an email from the SM/CC with their info as well.  I passed it along to my Webelos II DL.

Finally, one of the members of the Bobwhite Patrol that I am a Troop Guide for is just about done.  He forwarded me his last ticket item that deals directly with Training within the Troop and the record keeping/training promotion.    It is so good that I am going to swipe it and use it for the District.  It basically bugs me to no end, as does him (I take it) that people do not get trained or avail themselves to it.  In a very recent blog post from Scoutmaster Jerry, he is up the same tree about JTE.  Stay tuned for a post about what I am proposing to do within my District about Training Records.

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