Training in the District

On Saturday our District held three training classes.  Merit Badge Counselor, Charter Org and District Committee Trainings.  There was supposed to be the Boy Scout & Cub Scout Position training.  However, those the Boy Scout class only had two and the Cub Scout had none.  There was only ONE WALK IN for the Boy Scouts!

As Training Chair,  I looked at our records and realized that we were not trained as a District.  We only needed 95 more people trained to get to 50%.  Yuck.  (I am waiting to see what Council has for the January timeframe since that will get us the latest version after Re-Charter.  Many people will drop & get added.)

So, first up was Merit Badge Counselor Training.  Out of the normal Roundtable Crowd, there were four Scouters who I never saw before.  One lady was the Merit Badge Coordinator for his Troop.  The other was told to come and another knew she needed it.  Plus since there were changes to the Guide to Advancement & new Eagle Project Book, she wanted to make sure she got all the new info.  The forth was an ASM.  We all took it in and got a lot of great information.  The course was taught by our Advancement Chair, who is also on the Council Advancement Team.  So, great info from the top.  So, why was this different?  Well, normally this training was done at the Troop level or one on one.  Here you had 6 different Troops represented.  Basically 6 different ways on how MBC could be handeled.   The great thing is through this group learning 6 different Troops came together and learned how each other did it and what their issues were.

Charter Org Rep Training:  This was timely as there is a dust-up within our District.  We had four real Charter Org Reps at the class along with several of the normal Roundtable people.  My push for this class was to help the District reach out to the Charter Org Reps and tell them more about Boy Scouts and what everyone is supposed to do.  Our Trainer got right to the point and said, it’s about the Kids and that’s who we work for.  He pointed out that each COR is on the District Committee.  Our District Chairman was there as well and did do an invite and how he saw them and the BSA.  It was great.  We covered the basic syllabus from the BSA and also dived into very meaty topics.  Ones you would not get online.  Portland Lawsuits, Insurance, Liability…who owned what.  We had service clubs and churches represented within the class.  Great mix.   I was very happy that this class was offered.  It will be back.

District  Committee Training:
My big push for this was a lot of our Committee is new within the past year or two.  With our new Chairman, Commissioner, Program Chair, me and others….we needed this.  Our fellow Scouters in the District next to us was in a similar situation.  Plus, I knew the District Chair from Wood Badge and as being a Troop Guide together this past year.  So, while I had just gotten trained as a MBC, COR, I was really looking forward to this training.  I had asked the Scoutmaster from WE1-492-09, who is a Assistant Council Commissioner to come speak.  The Trainer worked with her to figure out what needed to be covered.

This was a great training.  We went over the basics of what a District is and how it functioned.  We did not get into breakouts since we were so small and our committees as a District are not that huge.  So, what happened was a lot of discussion between each other.  Our counterparts within Wapiti (The Great Herd from the West, as I call them) were great!   Both Districts learned from eachother about how the each did business.  We learned that we are not that different in the challenges we both face.  Membership, Retention, Finance, Programing….you name it we talked about it.

We also learned that the Commissioner Corp is highly valuable.  That they needed to be out in the Units so we can get “The Message” out to them.  That the Commissioners are there to help tell the District Committee how healthy or unhealthy the District/Units are.

It was a great day for learning at the Unit Level, District Level and Council Level.  Both the District Exec’s were there.  Each of them had words to share about what they thought was important.  Not just about their District, but as a Council.

The Wapiti District Committee: (Not all shown)

The Pioneer District Committee (Not all shown)

Finally, we did celebrate our Training that day.  As any Scout function needs to have, is a song.  Since it was the 2009 Wood Badge Scoutmaster came and spoke to us, we sang her favorite song. ROOTBEER!  Yes, we had fun.  If you cannot have fun during training….well…..



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  1. Fishgutts says:

    I feel your pain. As Varsity Huddle Commissioner as well as the Varsity Leader Specific Trainer, I can’t get people to get trained. Can’t say I didn’t try to train them though.


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