Spending Time with your Family

The Boy Scouts of America says this about Cub scouts and Families “Cub Scouting aims to develop youth into participating citizens of good character who are physically, spiritually, and mentally fit. The organization recognizes that it is the responsibility of parents and family to raise their children. The Cub Scout program is a resource that can help families teach their children a wholesome system of values and beliefs while building and strengthening relationships among family members. ”

This has been true within my journey in Scouting with my son.  I also see some parents able to have this time with their sons as well.  Within the Pack I am in, I work to make sure that if siblings are able to go to the Cub Scout events, that I advertise that point.  I also tell that to new parents and those who are thinking about joining.

So, why is it a topic today?

Recently I had to tell the Pack Committee that due to my position at work increasing my time away, that I might be missing some Den Meetings and possibly Pack Meetings. I am not stepping down and I am not leaving.  I am however kicking up the search for my replacement. I need several Assistant Cub Masters.  I am lucky in several ways.  First, Pack Meetings are only once a month.  My wife can take Elliot to the Den Meetings, which are close to home.  A lot of our advancement happens on our outings which are on the weekend and I am home.  However, the big issue for me, is time away from my family.  My wife understands why.  My kids understand that I have a job, but not that it brings home the money for us to live.  I have been keenly aware that my being away does greatly affect them and my wife.  I now routinely get comments from the kids like “your gone a lot”and ” I’m giving you extra hugs cause I don’t get to during the week”.  There are others.

So for awhile, I have been working at doing stuff with them.  Building forts, playing non-electronic games (though I will try to win at Wii Games when I can) and spending time with JUST them one on one.  It is very important to hang out with your children.  Just be with them.  Don’t do Scouting unless they bring it up, go biking, do their favorite thing, go bowling, watch the dumb cartoon that they like and you hate.  You do not need to go out and spend a lot of money, take them to fancy places, get them huge cool gifts to create memories.  You just need to give your time.

Which leads me to this great video.  It’s from the Melrose Scout Productions out of Minnesota.  First, it’s a great blog.  With 30 years as a Scoutmaster in Minnesota, Steve has a lot of great ideas.  The video below is about the Adding Machine Tape.  When I first saw it, I thought it was great.  Now, as I look at it again, it rings even truer.  While Steve focuses on Scouting with your Son, it works with Familytime as well.

Thanks to Steve for letting me use this in the post.

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