Scouting will give you Job Skills

While I am not in the Boy Scout area, yet.  I find a lot of the skills that the Scouts could learn very good.  Hence, I am glad about this new Merit Badge.  Welding.  I have actually looked at classes for this.  I find it very fascinating.  I took shop when I was in 7th & 8th Grade.  I also went to the Vo-Tech Center for Graphic Arts.  As most of you know I went to Culinary School and worked in the restaurant world for 9-10 years.

So, when the BSA announced Welding, I was very happy.  Bryan on Scouting has a great article on it.  The American Welding Society also has a note about it.

While I currently as of this writing, do not see requirements yet posted to the BSA Merit Badge section, I think it will be very valuable.    However, if you do not want to take my word for it, take it from Mike Rowe.  You know, that Dirty Jobs guy who is an Eagle Scout….  It’s a good lesson also on how there is employment, but in fields that many do not consider these days.   There are many professions and all require knowledge.  Most are not as sexy as being an Astronaut or Rocket Scientist or Heart Surgeon.

So, if you turn a wrench, good for you.  You cannot be replaced by a Script.  People still need to repair the robots and machines that process all the crappy food we eat and to the things we buy to sweat it off with.  You might need a lawyer to sue the guy who made the hot coffee, but that lawyer will need a Printer Repair guy to fix the printer that produces the lawsuit papers and a Desktop Support Guy to install the printer on the computer.  So, gain knowledge in any field.

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  1. Miechelle N. says:

    Good to know that Tim, the printer repair guy will still have a job!


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