This is my daughter Rachel.  She is seven years old.  She is also the little sister of a Webelos Scout.  She was tired of doing stinky boy stuff and became a Daisy Scout in Kindergarten.  She is now in her second year of Scouting and loving it.  Rachel readily tells me that the Girl Scout Sign is just like the Boy Scout Sign.

She’s full of it when she needs to be with her brother.  But that is not why I am blogging about this.

Because I travel, I miss my kids.  Last night I was able to have Rachel-Daddy time.  My wife and son went off to a movie at a friends house and left us.  We did not want to go.  So, we made popcorn in our new popcorn maker that has a hand crank on it and popped it over the stove. We used kernals and no microwave.  She loved it since she turned the crank and loaded the popper with two shot glass full of kernals.  We then poured butter over it when done and went to see our own movie.

It was Judy and the Dragons.  We sat in bed, eating popcorn watching a movie together.  We talked before during and after the movie.  It was chit chat about stuff that was important to her, not me.

Then, out of nowhere, I got “Your the best Daddy in the whole world” & “I love you” statements as I also got the biggest hug & cuddle.  Yup…that’s all a Dad needs.

There is one book that I will recommend to help you see the light about being the best Dad ever.  I got it after listening to the Dave Ramsey show.

It’s called  “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters“: by Dr. Megan Meeker.  It talks about being a role model for your daughter and LISTENING TO HER!  JUST LISTEN TO HER.  Do that, and you will create a strong daughter in every sense.  (Now if she would listen to me about picking up her room…)

Overall, spend time with your Daughter.  If you do not have one, be the cool Uncle to your Niece!  This works at all ages!

I also listen to this song called “Daughters” by John Mayer a lot.

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2 Responses to Daughters

  1. Glenn says:

    I have two wonderful daughters that still race to the door when I arrive home to see who gets the first hug and kiss. I am the richest man in the world! You are right though, just sit, listen and interact with your daughter to obtain the “Greatest Dad in the world” title.

    I will be taking my soon to be 14 year old to her first Venturing meeting to find out if that is what she would like to do. My 9 year old never got the right vibe with Girl Scouts and is content with wearing her Pack 650 class b shirt and attending a den meeting and pack Show from time to time.

    On My Honor,


  2. kiff76 says:


    thanks for the book tip, I have two girl and although they are both to young at the moment for Scouts or Guides when they get to the right age they will join both. I obviously hope they will pick Scouts over guides.

    I really hope they pick Scouts as I would prefer here to be part of the co-educational scout instead of the single sex guides, however my daughter is only 3 and I have already learnt that you can only advise they will do what they want to do

    Yours in Scouting



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