2012 Goals

There is a lot of Scouters within the Facebook, Twitterverse & G+ world asking about goals and what was 2011 like.  I love reading them.  I hope that all their plans and wishes come to being and they feel a sense of accomplishment.  The Internet is a wonderful place.

I have met a lot of like minded people whom I would love to share a campfire and coffee with hopefuly soon.  I have accomplished that with two Scouters.

Because of of the Internet I have grow and been able to swipe a lot of great ideas from a lot of different places.

I am going to put down several of my goals, which some will be in a Wood Badge Ticket form.  Here goes.


What will be done: Lose weight.
Who will do it:  Adam R. Cox
Where will be it done: Everywhere.
When will it be done:  Target date is May 28th 2012. That is the date for a 24 hour relay Mtn Nike Race in Spokane, Wa.  I am doing this.
How will it be done: Take Shape for Life/Medifast Diet program, Juicing & Exercise.  I have ordered a Kona 20in 29 Hardtail Mtn Bike. I will be training for the Spokane 24 Hour Race.
How will it be verified:  Using the Lose it App and Blogging about it.  Doing a Zipline Outing on July 4th weekend with my family. (You cannot do it if your above #250).  Also to use the Hennessey Hammock.  Currently it only supports up to #250.  So, once I have gone below #250, I can use it.
Why will I do it:  My heaviest weight was #290.  I graduated in 1986 @ 190.  I need to do this for myself.  Everyone else will benefit!


What will be done: Recruit and Train new Cubmaster & Assitant Cubmaster
Who will do it: Current Cubmaster & Committee
Where will it be done: Den, Pack & Committee Meetings and one on one sessions.
When will it be done: The identification, recruitment will be done before June 4th. Our current Pack year.  The Cubmaster will be an Assistant Cubmaster until they take over in March 2013.  Hence, there will be two Assistant Cubmasters for awhile.

How will it be verified:  Adult Application will be turned into Council to become Assistant Cubmaster in June.  Cubmaster Application turned in in March 2013 before Crossover with date of Crossover.  Adults taking over will complete Online Cubmaster Training and go to Program & Training Conference & other in-person training.

Why will I do it: The success of Pack 221 depends on it.


What will be done: Create Training Plan for Pioneer District in CPCBSA.  This includes BALOO, OWLS, ITOLS and other trainings.
Who will do it: Training Chair & Program Chair along with District Exec/Chairman helping out as needed.

Where will it be done:  At ongoing meetings.  However, after District Committee Training Course is complete, dates of training will be laid out.

When will it be done: By the end of Feburary 2012.
How will it be verified: Publication of Dates via District Website/Calendar and email to District Committee.

Why will I do this: To increase the Fully Trained percentage from %32 to %50.  Every Adult Scouter has Youth Protection.  However, many positions are not considered trained.  I am working on to get more and different trainings out to the District.  I am also working to see what the District needs/wants and what times would be better for them.


What will be done:  Have seven patrol members of the W1-492-11 Bobwhite Patrol finish their Wood Badge Ticket and get Beaded.

Who will do it: The Bobwhite Patrol.  I am their Troop Guide.

Where will it be done: the tickets of the Bobwhite patrol has that information.  I will guide them as needed since I am their Troop Guide.

When will it be done:  All w1-492-11 Wood Participates have till July 2012 to complete their tickets.
Why will I do this:  I committed to them as the Bobwhite Troop Guide to mentor and support them till their physical completion of the ticket and the Beading.  However, i will continue to guide & help them as needed.  Their tickets are their own.  The completion of those tickets are there to help enhance them and those around them and within the unit they serve.

These four items are Wood Badge version worthy.  The rest are just goals and desires that will be worked on on an ongoing basis.

Learn and operate Ham Radio better.  I am a General License Ham Operator.  However, I have not done a lot with it.  I would love to have a JOTA/JOTI or some other type event for Pack 221 or District.

I also want to become a Merit Badge Counseler for Ham Radio, Scouting Heritage, Public Speaking,Personal Fitness, Graphic Arts and others.  These will start after Elliot has crossed over.  The first two will be Ham Radio and Scouting Heritage.

While these are all generally Scout based, my first thing I am going to do is spend more time with my family and do more outings with them.  Such as Camping, Hiking, Biking and anything else you can think of.

Thanks for reading…..

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  1. arlenward says:

    Excellent! I look forward to reading/hearing about your progress! Many of these are in line with my own goals for the year so hopefully we can help motivate each other.



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