My wish to you

Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas and seasons greetings to all.  Thank you to all of you who I know, met online, staffed trainings with, fellow Wood Badgers & Scouters and Friends.  And to those of you who just read the blog and listen to the podcast that I don’t even know.  You all have made a huge difference in my life.

If your in the Cubscout Pack that I am a Cubmaster for, on the District Committee, in the District, in the Council thank you for your direct support. If it was not for your (atlest) one hour a week, Scouting would not be what it is.

I posted this to several Wood Badge people the other day and thought that it’s fitting here too.  If you have not taken Wood Badge, that is fine.   Your still on a path.

God, Take a Woodbadge walk with me,
And see what I’ve discovered;
An inner strength I hadn’t known,
new skills that I’ve uncovered.

My body may feel tired now
But my spirit soars on wings
As I reflect on all we’ve done
And heard, and felt, and seen.

Thank you for new friendships made
And old bonds now renewed,
And help me live the Oath and Law
In all I say and do.

As I depart from Gilwell Field
With ticket firm in hand,
Lord, help me do the best I can
To help my fellow man.

For my journey does not end today,
In fact, it’s just the start,
So take a Woodbadge walk with me
And hold me in Your heart.

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