Cubscout STEM Science Beltloop Day

The Cascade Pacific Council put on it’s first STEM based event that was aimed at the Cubscout Units.   While it was not touted as a STEM based event online, after talking to both the Scout Executive and Program Direction, who were there, they gave me the full low down on STEM within the Council.  Needles, I am very very happy.  The group who put on the session (morning & afternoon) are from Mad Science company.  I have seen them at the Program & Training Conferences before and liked them.  This is my first real experince in using them.

The Cubscouts were able to go through the day and earn the Science Beltloop and Pin.  With the opening segment, everyone earned the Beltloop.  The rest of the day was spent on the Pin sections.

  1. Use these simple machines to accomplish tasks: lever, pulley, wheel-and-axle, wedge, inclined plane, and screw.
  2. Learn about solids, liquids, and gases using just water. Freeze water until it turns into ice. Then, with an adult, heat the ice until it turns back into a liquid and eventually boils and becomes a gas.
  3. Build models of two atoms and two molecules, using plastic foam balls or other objects.
  4. Make a collection of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks and label them.
  5. Learn about a creature that lives in the ocean. Share what you have learned with your den or family.

There were 5 different sessions that were 45 minutes each.  Each session was led by a Professor.  Each one had a great lesson and explanation of what was happening and what the Cubscouts should do.  Our Pack had four Cubscouts attending.  We were put together with other Packs which is just fine.   The parents basically followed the boys around from station to station and helped as needed.  The great thing about this is, that it was seasoned professionals who put this on.  It was not Scouts teaching Scouts.  Which, is not to say it’s a bad thing, it just that sometimes at camps it can be lacking and distracting.  This was not camp

The opening segment was great.  Madame Chaos rocked the show.  She got the Cubscouts in the right frame of mind and kept their attention.  (I silently want that power at Pack Meetings!).  The one great trick that made me learn something was about Bernoulli’s principle .  She did it with a Leaf Blower, Plunger & a roll of Toliet Paper.  It rocked.  Everyone howled!  Guess, what I am going to use…;)

The two Moms who came to the event had nothing but glowing reports on how much they liked it.  They thought it was perfect in getting the boys involved and showing them how to do science.  Both understand how much planning and prep it takes to put things on, since they both volunteer at the school.  They would both like to see more of these things put on.

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