Youth Protection Apology

On December 8th, one of the Scouting Organizations made a huge leap of faith.  They came out and put their foot down.  I have not closely followed this issue, but have seen some reports while staying close to their borders while traveling for work.  My own Scouting Organization has been and is faced with Scouters who, in my eye are not Scouters due to their violation of the youth in their charge.  There is not any part of any Scout Oath and Law that covers this action.  You actually stop being a Scouter at that point.

Living in Portland, Oregon, I am keenly aware of what’s going on.  It was April of 2o10 that the bubble burst in Portland for the BSA.  I wrote a post about my feelings back then.  It is now a BSA National Policy for all Scouters who register to have Youth Protection training every 2 years.  It’s available online.

We cannot as Scouters of any Organization stop for one minute in the protection of the Youth in the program, and any youth.  My fellow Scouter, Scoutmaster Jerry even created a podcast about it.  Overall, having Scouts Canada come out with this apology in the way that they did, says a lot.    One of the ways moving forward is actions like this.  It is unfortunate that these violations happened at all.  But knowing it happened, will re-double everyone’s efforts to not let it happen again.

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