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At this week’s Tree Scout Den Meeting, the Scouts will be going over the Fitness Activity Pin.  You can read the requirements within the link provided.  After looking it over, you can see that with a hearty discussion after reading of some material and a week of writing down what they eat, the Webelos Scout can work through this with ease.

However, we ran into a snag here at the house.  It’s a combination of things.  First, no one really did the home work for recording of the meals.  No big thing, We can do it this week and submit when complete.  At the beginning of the year, Elliot, myself and my wife did sit down with him and talked about YPT and what to do.  We also talked about it briefly again tonight.  But here is the sticking point.

The Planning of the Meals.  The wording is : “With a parent or other family member, plan a week of meals.”  So, my son was really wanting to do something else other than Scout stuff tonight.  He argued about it for 10 minutes.  It was basically the same amount of time we took in talking about some of the points.  We still need to do more.  He really wanted to play video games and watch TV than this.   My wife chimed in that I was going to be away all week for work, so why should he plan the meals if I was not going to be home to cook them.  She also asked if there were other things he could do to earn the pin.

She’s not a Scouter and has no real desire to know the way Scouting works.  I don’t blame her.  So, I had to explain a few things.  In Cubscouts, it’s Parent led/reminded to the Cubscout.  More as a Tiger, but less than as a Webelos.  In Boy Scouts it’s all up to the Scout.  With very minor reminding from the parents.  Her response was, well you wait till the last night before a Den meeting.  Well, yes, in some cases.  But, we had not done anything on a Pin for awhile, so I was getting him going on this.  He had to also do a chore list, which she did with Elliot at the last Den Meeting and turned it in.  I was not aware that they did that.

I explained that Elliot wanted to do it next week, but that was not possible.  He needed to start now for the week of recording the information.  Also, there are no changes within requirements due to the specific rules within the BSA.  No, I did not quote the Advancement Guide verbatim.   What I did explain is that the word PLAN is in the wording and not “PLAN & COOK” a week of meals.  I explained that all he has to do is plan what he would like to eat and then explain the ramifications of those means as they pertain to being healthy.

What Elliot has to do is write down what he eats.  Which is really easy.  toast/oat meal/cereal for morning.  School Lunch (copy from lunch calendar) snack of Nugo bar and then either mac n cheese, pizza, hamburger or something really good for you from mom.  My wife asked why is all this really needed.  I explained that this is one of the required pins for the boys to do to get the Webelos Badge.  It’s to help show them what is good to eat and what is not good to eat.  It’s to help let them understand healthy choices are needed.  If you follow my other Blog about my weight loss, you will know how important it is.

So, this week while I am gone, Elliot will be tracking his food.  I will call and remind him as need.  Big thing is that at the end of the week, he will get it completed and will get the pin.  This will bring to a close all the Pins he is required to earn for the Webelos Badge.

This issue brought to light that, I need to explain better why and what Pins are for Elliot to my wife when she asks.  It’s a good reminder as well to explain them to parents if they have questions.  Not everyone GETS the Scouting program and why the requirements are the requirements.

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