Keeping yourself physically strong means taking care of your body. Eat the right foods and build your strength. Many of my fellow Scouters have started a program of fitness over the summer.  I tried, but failed to keep going.  This was actually before the Boy Scouts of America’s BSAFIT program.  Many of us even blogged about it.  Some of us are still working on it and succeeding at the goals of loosing. However I have not.  It bugs me.  So much so I have started a program called “Take Shape for Life”.  It’s based off Medifast.

There are several reasons that I am doing this and why I chose this program.  I am tired of being fat.  Tired of people informing me of how to eat right, what to eat and asking if I am doing any workouts.  I also know that trying to keep up with Elliot and Rachel is getting harder and harder.  I do not want to go out and do stuff on their bikes when they want to do it.  I am also doing this because I want to go hiking longer and more.  Just going to Scout Camp really killed me. Not just being out of breath, but also tiring me out. I want to be more active and do things with my family.  From what I know and have read, being fat kills people.  So, I want to be around for awhile.

So, why did I choose this program?  I could have gone with Curves, Weight Watchers, South Beach or whatever.  I am not a guy who goes to a room, report my weight and then go to book club with the ladies.  I don’t go out and by crate of Chocolate Bars and eat them.  I don’t subscribe to that.  I know people who have done it, and it just does not work.  I chose this program for two reasons.  First, the Life Coach is my Wolf Den Leader and knowing him through Scouts I know he does not do anything that cuts corners.  He is a Physicians Assistant a well, so the science and medical information is there.  Secondly, he has gone through it himself as well as his wife.  He looks great.  During our conversations and the information provided, it’s better than what I have seen.

I won’t be blogging to much about it on the Scouter Adam blog, but I will be on the new Burningfatman blog.  I will have it hooked up to my personal Facebook but won’t be connecting it to my Scouteradam feeds.  Hence, if you want to follow this, you will need to do so from that website.  I have already downloaded the WordPress App to my iPhone so I can post from the road since I am using it as a Journal as to what I am going through.

So, here goes.  I am getting skinny and changing many habits.  Follow me on Burning Fat Man.

Yours in Scouting…

PS: I am not logging anything into BSAFIT since I am not doing this for a patch.  I however will be updating my weight on a regular basis via LOSEIT that posts on my Scouter Adam Twitter Account.

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  1. Good for you Adam!!! DO IT.. You deserve the body and life style you want! I am behind you 100%


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