Citizenship 2011

  This month’s Pack Meeting was all about Citizenship.  With Veteran’s Day this month, it was a good meeting.  Nov 14th PM 2011 is our meeting plan.  It is something that I send out to every Den Leader and Committee Member so they know what I am planning to do.

This month, I got a bit of a curve ball sent my way.  Our meetings for both Den and Pack are on monday’s in the school gym.  Apparently some boys got into the PE room where all the balls, hoops, scooters and other impliments of fun are kept for the PE Teacher.  Which, enabled everyone to play with a lot of stuff and cause a lot of ruckus for all the Dens still meeting.  So much so, the Principal got in touch with me and explained what happened.  The use of the PE Equipment always bothered me due to the fact someone could get hurt running around and also several boys did not like anything flying around them.  Also, there were Hockey Sticks….

So, I implimented a no PE room rule and the School started to lock the room.  It has never been locked since Elliot was a Tiger, but oh well.

So, I redid most of the meeting.  We were still going to have awards, a game and a song, but I taylored the talk towards what Citizenship is and how we work towards it. Because I wanted to keep the PE room off the minds of the boys I had a Dot to Dot, Question, Word Finder game on one page that was all about Citizenship. (It’s from It kept everyone occupied and working on a goal of getting it all done.  I am not the strongest in gathering games since the Pack usually shows up 10-15 minutes before with the lionshare there right at Flag.

So, with Flag and announcements out of the way, I had every Den do their Yell.  After that it was the Bobcat awards.  There were 5 boys who earned that badge.  After that I broke right into a song about Thanksgiving.  Did not even give anyone a chance for any more Awards or anything.  It was about my Albuquerque Turkey.  We only did the first two verses, but I pitched as a Repeat after me song.  Which, ended up having the boys face the parents and sing it back and forth.  The boys won.  After that, we ran through all the Dens Yells.

During the Den Awards after the Yells, each Den was able to get up and explain what they did & hand out awards.  When we got to the Wolves, the Den Leader who went to the Program & Training Conference learned a few things from the Den Discipline class.  What he deployed first Den Meeting was a Marble Jar.  If the boys come to the meeting on time, with books, uniform and are respectful, they get a marble.  If they do something very good, they get more.  Which, during the talk about how we show respect one of the Wolves said that we show respect by being quite.  He got 5 marbles.  Once the jar was filled, the boys get a bowling/pizza party.  That was so not planned, but I used it.

After each Den got their say and awards, it was off to the Wink Game.  I changed it up so there was not a Killer and no one died.  The Killer was IT and those who got Winked at, had to sit down.  I physically pointed out three boys who were IT and explained the rules.  Game on.  After a bit with boys getting tagged and sitting down, I stopped the game.

I then explained to them that during the game I told three Scouts that they were IT.  Now, first round everyone knew who was IT. Now, they did not.  I also pointed out that you could not look up as well as not talking like the first time.  Game on.

During this game, the scouts did not know who was it and tried not to talk.  The Den Leaders and I told scouts who talked had to sit down.  Also those who were walking silly.  Several boys started coming up to me saying that those that they winked at did not sit down, same as first time.

I stopped the game.  I then asked what they thought of the game.  As they raised their hands they told me that some did not play be the rules, did not sit down when winked and that the den leaders changed the rules.  I asked them how they liked that.  They did not.  I asked if that was showing respect.  They slowly started to get it.  Message delivered.

We ended with a Closing Flag, Vespars and a quick demo of how to fold a flag.  Done.

What I also did throughout the whole meeting was not really raising Akela’s Ears, but to play my Native American Flute.  I got tired of them not listening/watching, so I brought it in.  It very quickly got people’s attention as the night went on.

Overall, it was a good Pack Meeting.  The flow was there and I felt good during the meeting.  The Scouts responded, learned and had a lot of fun.

After I got home I sent a note to the Committee and Den Leaders asking for feedback.  Yes, I got some. They are all good and I plan to impliment them as soon as possible.

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