Two birds with one stone style of advancement

  In the world of Cubscout advancement it’s led by the Adult Scouters and not so much the Scouts.  Yes, the Scouts can tell you what they want to work on, but generally it’s the Adult Scouters that do all the planning.

The big idea that I work to get across to my Den Leaders and Committee is that Advancement can happen with any event and multiple achievements can happen at once.    So, here is my real world example that is happening right now within the Pack and the Tree Scout Den (Webelos I).

First up, the Tree Scouts.  The Webelos Den Leader (WDL) is planning a lot of outings and working hard to plan everything to get the boys their Webelos Badges by March.  I really like what he is up too.

The other week six out of nine Tree Scouts went to the Ape Caves and got a few items completed for the Geologist Activity Pin. In my estimation Elliot earned #6 & #8.  The latter was a visit to a Geological site.  Some boys earned the Geology Pin at Camp.  Elliot did not want to.  #8 also works for  #4 of the Naturalist Pin as well.  Elliot knocked that out on the first Pack Hike along with several other Webelos.  But, let’s look at both.  #8 of Geologist will work for #4 of Naturalist.  But it won’t work the other way around.  Reason being, the first is Geological and Naturist is not geared towards Geology.  It’s all in the wording is what I am getting at.  So, this means that the three boys that did not go to the Pack Hike or the Geological Hike will be able to get the Naturalist #4 when we go to the Forestry Center in Portland.  Now, it won’t count for the Geological Pin since again, no rocks.

The good thing is the Forester & Naturalist do count for the Webelos level World Conservation Badge.  With two Activity Pins complete soon, they will only need the Outdoorsman Activity Badge and do a Den/Pack conservation project.  Which, the boys did at the Ape Caves.  We practice Leave No Trace all the time, so every Scout and Scouter will get that done each outing.  It’s just the way that is.

Elliot and another Tree Scout have already earned the WCB as Wolves.  But we will note that if the others in the Den accomplish it.  You cannot earn it twice in Cubscouts.  They can re-earn it as Boy Scouts.

Getting the hang of it?  Ok, now for the Pack Event.

As a Pack we are going Christmas Caroling.  Since I drive a lot a collegue and I talk a lot on the phone.  He is in Colorado Springs and his son is a Tiger.  Apparently their Pack does the same thing at several retirement homes and the Adults love it.  So, I suggested that for a service project.  The Committee loved it.

So, for those boys who want to do it, they will learn several songs and then perform it.  We were asked by the place we were going if the Boys would like to have a dessert with the Veterans Group.  Of Course!  They will get the dessert, but also get to hang out with guys who have served and hopefully it will rub off.

So, what will the Scouts earn for for this?

First, it’s a Service project. That counts for everyone.  Second, they will earn the Music Beltloop.  For the Webelos it will work for the Showman Activity Pin #15.  For both the Tiger and Wolf, this might work for attending a play/musical event.  Use your best judgement on that. It really should be going to see a play/musical instead of being in one.    The Bears, if gifted with how to play an instrument could create a Cubscout band and perform that.  Overall all the Scouts will earn the Beltloop.

Within our Council, there is a segment program so there are a few segments that would work for this event.  This would be the Living Service Segment and or Civic Service.  It should not be both.

So, with a bit of planning, the Scouts will earn achivements and other requirements for their rank.  Yes, there should and needs to be a limit of how many things one event can cover.  You do not want to award 10 things for one event.  That’s not correct.  The Scouts need to do the work.  But the Adults need to understand that doing everything for each requirement is really not needed.  It also allows for Scouts who miss out for no fault of their own to get credit for something for attending a different function.  Which really means the Adults need to be on their toes at record keeping for the Scouts.

Yours in Scouting.

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