Baden-Powell and Advanced Training

  I am a training junkie which lends well to my position as the District Training Chair within my Council.  So, when I came upon a website of Baden-Powell audio clips which one is about training, I got excited.  What really got me going was that BP mentioned Cubmasters and Commissioners too.  I usually read all about Scoutmasters and how to be one, what to do and on and on.  Baden-Powell’s comments came from the opening of Gilwell Park in the UK.

So, click on the MP3 and listen to Baden-Powell talk about training.  It’s good advice, one that should be headed.  It goes to “Every Boy deserves a Trained Leader.”  Which, really means that if your a Adult Scouter, then you owe it to your boys or girls if in Venturing and unit to get the extra training for your position.  Baden-Powell also goes on to talk about another topic that I can only think of as what happens to people who some of us term “Grumpy Old Scouters”.

While the Boy Scouts of America and Scouts World Wide has drastically changed since 1907 the basics are still valid today.   Remember the basics.

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