Tigers are so Cool!

Tonight was our first Tiger Den Meeting for the year.  We covered the basics from the Cubscout Tiger Den Meeting list.  I got there 30 minutes a head and got everything ready.  we were meeting up on the stage, since it was away from the Wolves and Fire Scouts.  First there were only 4, but soon grew to 8.  We covered the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Hand Salut, TWO!, Do your Best and the Handshake.  We made up our own Den Yell.  Ok, it was from the book, but they don’t know.  We yelled it 4 times, but the other Den’s did not hear us cause they were loud!

I showed and explained the uniform and showed a Boy Scout Merit Badge sash that I got from someone at school.  It was their Dad’s.  He is 85.  During the Flag ceremony, I explained what the flag was, and how we got it.  We also worked on a Scrapbook that we are going to draw Scout things in it and record what we do.

Overall, it was simple and took 60 minutes.  A lot of the boys had questions about all sort of stuff.  I found out that they played Soccer, came from the same school as others were there.  Had boys in the same class.  To which, I explained that Scouts are buddies.  We do not go anywhere without our Buddy.  To which a Tiger asked to go to the bathroom and I told him to get a buddy.  He did. The Parents did very well.  They were all there with the sons and worked with them.  It was a good night.

The one thing that I realized tonight, is that I really like being a Den Leader.  Tiger’s were my first.  It’s all about the boys.  The Tigers don’t care about patches or Wood Badge or Training or any of that.  They care about having fun, learning something new and yelling!  All too soon it will be about have a BOR and doing service projects and finding a MBC and then off to getting their Eagle.  It’s great to see the beginning.  Their first Den Meeting……..

Remember, it’s about the Boys and their dreams.  Not yours.

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  1. Fawn Walden says:

    I have done Tigers 3 times and I thing I loved doing was the den time capsule which we open[ed] at the Arrow of Light ceremony and displayed. Its really cool to see how the boys have grown and changed,


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