The 2011 Scout Year has started

Last night was our Pack’s Join night.  It went pretty well.  While setting up a few parents/kids came early.  Which, is great.

You might be wondering what the Iraq Embassy Coin and Wood Badge Coin are doing up there.  My Wood Badge Scoutmaster of W1-492-11 gave each Staffer a coin with their Totem on it. The back of mine is Beaver.  It’s used to remind me to do a good turn each day and what Scouting is all about.  I use it for inspiration.  I really really needed it last night as I was completely nervous.  I always am before a Pack Meeting, since I am on stage.  It helps me calm down.

The Iraq Embassy Coin was given to me by a very long time Scouter that I only know off the Internet.  I figured that with the courage and bravery that it conveys, that I could use it.  Plus, I had hoped to channel some of his knowledge.

After I got the kids settled down and in line for Flag, I started to explain how we start right @ 7pm with Flag.  I asked if they knew the Pledge of Allegiance. Some said that they did not.  Which, I explained that they should remember quickly.  Off we went with the Flag.  The Webelos II or as they are known “Fire Scouts”.

The Fire Scouts did a great job.  The Pledge, Promise and Law.  Exactly as I wanted it to happen for the first meeting of the year.

By that time we were ahead of schedule. YES.

So with about 10 minutes before I dismissed the parents to their meeting and we started our meeting, I introduced a new tradition.  The PACK/DEN YELL.  As I began to explain what a Den Yell was, I asked the boys if they could YELL.  I got a response that only a Mime would love.  So, I asked again.  Better.

With help from the Den Leaders, I started.  WHO ROCKS PACK 221!  As I pointed to the Den Leaders, they jumped up and yelled their Den Name. TIGERS, WOLVES, BEARS, WEBELOS I, FIRE SCOUTS!

Then it was there turn.  WHO ROCKS PACK 221. TIGERS WOLVES, BEARS, WEBELOS, FIRE SCOUTS!  Awesome!

After I explained to the audience and boys (I am going to forgo after this in speaking to the parents during the Pack Meeting in this manner since it detracts from the boys. Thanks to Kevin & Arlen’s info on how they do Pack Meetings) that I was going to make their parents disappear for their meeting that we had a few things setup for them.  The Boys Cheered, and the Parents moved to the Library.

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Finally, at the end, before the Webelos I did the Closing Flag, I had my longer Cubmaster Minute.  More like 5-8.

What I did was the Joining Knot.  I handed out the Salmon (pink) colored rope and the Plum (purple) colored rope to the boys.  I explained the Square Knot and how in Boy Scouts, you use it when you first Join the Troop.   So, getting everyone to find a different color to tie to took a bit as did the tying of the knots.  Which, I expected.  Once completed, we fanned out a bit.

I then started.  (Not verbatium, but…) Tonight we have come here as boys, some of us already scouts.  Tonight, we leave a Brother Scouts.  This purple patch that you will all have on your Uniforms makes you a Scout.  You are a friend to all other Scouts in the World.  There are over 80 Millions Scouts (Made that up on the fly) in 146 countries in the world.  This rope also ties us together.  We are there for eachother, weather at school, meetings or just out in public.  We are also there for others.  So, tonight, we are Brother Scouts.  Thank you for coming tonight, I am pleased that you have decided to Join Scouting.

So, with that, the meeting was over and we rocked it.  I now beleive that both coins helped me through it.  The Cubmaster’s speech came from the Iraq Embassy Coin and the Wood Badge Coin helped me deliver the message of Scouting to all.

It was a good night.  The Pack Committee and Den Leaders did a completely wonderful job in handling all the boys and parents.  I could not be more happier or proud of all of them.  They really made Join Night a wonderful Success!

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  1. David Pearson says:

    My first pack meeting as Cubmaster is this coming Monday. You have inspired me. Thank you.


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