The Joining Knot

” The square knot is also known as the joining knot because it can join two ropes together and because it is the first knot Scouts learn when they join the BSA. It has many uses-from securing bundles, packages, and the sails of ships to tying the ends of bandages.” Boy Scout Handbook Page 8.

The Joining Knot as we know is a Square Knot.  Once a Scout masters it, it’s pretty easy to tie.  At our upcoming Join Night, we will be working on this knot with 2.5ft lengths of rope.   Think of the Living Circle that Cubscouts will do at the end of a meeting.  They leave one open space for the Scout that maybe missing, late or one who wants to join.   I will hand out different colored ropes to each Scout. Both old and new.  I will instruct them to find another Scout that has a different color and tie their rope to the others.

What, I am working towards is to show each Scout is a part of one another, tied to each other and  we must work together to get along and where we are going.  Each Rank will use the Square knot at some point.  Why not start at the beginning.  It is also a knot every Scout Leader wears on the shirt if they have Training/Award Knots.  They are Square too!

Yours in Scouting.

Wolf Electives 17a. Learn to tie an overhand knot and a square knot.
Bear 22b. Tie a square knot, bowline, sheet bend, two half-hitches, and slip knot. Tell how each knot is used.
Webelos Outdoorsman #11. …Show how to tie a square knot and explain how it is used.
Webelos Arrow of Light #2 Tie the joining knot (square knot).
Scout #6: Demonstrate tying the square knot (a joining knot).

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