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Training is a wonderful thing, if done correctly.  It is not someone reading from a book or Powerpoint slide presentation as the participants read from it.  That is Death by Powerpoint. (DBP).  The District Committee Member’s Key is the knot that is shown here.  As most of you know, I have accepted the position of Training Chair for my District.  I am also on the committee for our Program & Training Conference this year.  The Council has done away with Pow-Wow and Advancement Extravaganza and mushed them together.

Along with many of my 2011 Wood Badge Assistant Course Directors (yes, that’s what my certificate says) and a few participants, I am co-teaching a class at PTC.  I am really excited.  It is “How to Use Social Media to promote Scout Units”.  With all of my interactions with those at PTCMedia and SCOUTNATION, it’s going to be pretty easy.  I have been learning from them and others on Twitter & G+.

However, back to the Knot above.   In our district, a lot of us are fresh to the Committee and also fresh to our positions.  That being that case, I realized that we needed training and that a District Committee Training Workshop is what we needed.   I will say that I read about it first before finding out it was a requirement for the knot.  That being said, I emailed both the District Chair and Exec and said we need to do this.  Both agreed.  So, now we just have to find a date and place.

This training will allow us as a District to come to understand more about what we are supposed to be doing and how to be a team.  Just because my Wood Badge ticket is over, doesn’t mean I don’t need another ticket.   If we can do this and come up with an annual District Calendar/Plan we will be soild.

Another aspect to me being a Training Chair is to provide Training to all those who need it, even if they don’t know they need it.  One of the major reasons I wanted to be Training Chair is that I wanted BALOO and OWLS training to be offered.  In talking with several people on the Committee is was apparent that keeping OWLS/BALOO seperate from ITOLS.  They are just NOT the same.  Seeing how different they are, how could you mesh them together.  If you look at what Chief Seattle Council does for OWLS it’s vastly different from what I have heard of and what others tell me.  (You need to click into Cubscouts and then OWLS for the info.  I cannot link directly to it.)  I will be pulling from this site for both BALOO and OWLS.

That being said, my Program Chair/Cubscout Rountable Commissioner asked about having BALOO during two Roundtable sessions 3 hours each.  Six to nine at night?  I suspect we will order dinner or make it while we are there as part of the requirement.  Still working on that.  Next up is OWLS.  Might do this during Cub-O-Ree.  Four hours a day over two days.  That way, everyone is with their Family/Pack for Cub-O-Ree.

Overall, if the BSA National has Knots that can be earned, it should be the respondsibility of the local Council and District to put on these trainings.  This will allow the knowledge flow from those who understand the program to those who want it.  It will end up helping that person, their unit and in the end the Scouts themselves.

If you do not provide training at any level, then how can you have a functioning Scout program?

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