Thoughts about Join Night

I have been doing what I have been doing for the past three years as Cubmaster/Recruitment guy.  I like this time of year, cause I get to reinvent myself and try things differently than before.  However, this year, I have fallen into a RUT.   I do have the benefit of reading and following others within my Internet Roundtable on how they do Join Nights and their successes.   Bad thing is that they blog about them too close to ours that I am not able to change it up.  Ugh.  Point in fact is Kevin Devin’s few latest postings.  Here, Here, Here, and Here.

I have done some of these over the year.  Business Cards were good, just have not gotten them out this time around.  Each year we do do a Join Night 11×85 2011v4 flier.  This one is based off our last years with new info on the back.   One thing that I realized is that this layout really sucks up the INK!  Ugh.  Next year and for other flyers we are going to go off the BSA PPT Template.  So much better.

The great thing is that our Council will print these off for us for free. It’s in Black and White, so that’s just fine.  This year, I wanted Color so I did it off our Xerox Phaser 6280.  Yup, I am plugging my companies product. (Something I normally do not do.)  I wanted to have color on these since Color Sells!  This is the first thing that Parents will see when they are sent home by the kids.  However it’s pretty exspensive.  Next year I am going to print Monochrome and use colored paper.  That will be cheaper.

So, I have been to one Back to School night, two more are slated for after Join Night.  It went well.  Got a few Parents and boys interested.  The flyers went out and I have heard good things.  Even from my son who says that a friend is thinking of joining.  Also, a few other parents who are already in the Pack will be bringing their Tiger son to join.  It’s always good to have those set-ups.

After the Join Night we have a hike in a local State Park that is just down the road from us.  It’s really a mixer for the families to get to know eachother, get the boys on the trail and talk about nature and Leave No Trace.  One of the Committee Members got us a spot for free (usually $75, but since we are Scouts….).  The Park Rangers are going to come talk about nature, trails and LNT.  So, those who come, will get stuff!

So, Join Night is almost in the bag.  I am excited.  My next couple of topics will cover, Webelos Woods & District Training .

Finally, if your so inclined to join those who are in SCOUTNATION on Google+, please follow this link.  It will get you into G+, linked with me and I will then get you hooked up with everyone else.  The great thing about G+ is it allows for deeper conversations within the Circle.  It’s almost the hidden conversation about Scouting.

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