Summertime Pack Award 2011

Saturday August 20th was our Pack’s final Summertime Pack Award event.  For the second year in a row we walked in the Multnomah Days Parade.  It’s a little area of Portland with hip shops and cool restaurants.  My favorite is “Fat City”.  It’s a great breakfast place.


Last yearas a Pack we went to the Parade and also saw another Pack.  This year, after meeting several of the Den Leaders we thought it be better for us to combine and walk together.  We are all Scouts anyway, right?  Well, we had a lot of fun.  We handed out flyers with both of our contact information on it as well as BEASCOUT.ORG and the date of our Join Night.  The boys threw candy to everyone.  Everyone waved and cheered us on.  A great time. It allowed me to meet the other Den Leaders of Pack 254.  Awesome group of people.  I even said that we should meet up during the year and have some sort of event.  Maybe like Cubscout Olympic or something?

So, coupled with our Bike Rodeo and the Disc Golf events, we are done.  Two boys went to all three events, 12 went to two events and 33 went to one.  So, we are done for the Summer and Fall is fast approaching.  I have no idea what the Pack will do for the 2012 Summertime Pack Events, except for the Parade.  It was a great Summer.  Now, to turn in the paperwork for that ribbon banner for the Pack Flag!

About Adam R. Cox

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